The Restaurant That Spins: The Eagles Nest | Lifestyle Vlog 2


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Karry Kay 

Omg I can’t wait to travel!!! I’m bout to be saving all 2019 and all my life 😂


Also, i get what you're saying.. theres way more to life. I went to London and Paris this summer and had an amazing time. And went by myself. And I love The Eagles Nest.


Wait? You in my hometown? Indianapolis? You live in Indy?

Tessie Dobey 

I went to a restaurant like this in Vegas and I became so sick.

Taliana Rietten 

This looks wonderful


Sexy view 😏

imani jacobs 

I wanna go to indianna now

Thembe Lihle 

this is what makes me wanna finish my degree

Beautiful Beans 

The dessert is great !! I might have to go again today !

SugaFree Siena 

Living for these lifestyle vlogs! Keep em coming 😘

B D 

OMG! You’re from my city!! You should do a meet and greet!

Class And Sass 

Absolutely beautiful. ❤️🌇🏙


This was different, I enjoyed it


For those of you in the DC area there is the Skydome Restaurant in Crystal City, VA. You get a great view of the washington monuments and the pentagon.


Great video and message. Thank you Chrissie!

Kae C 

You’re literally my virtual big sister

I’m not dark skinned I guess but I’m brown skinned(?)

I’m Jamaican and I just love watching your videos esp your lifestyle + femininity videos

M B 

Where/how did u meet ur boo?


very nice, the dislikes are people who are mad that that they crap they say about you isn't true lol


Nice. NYC has THE VIEW RESTAURANT in the Marriot Marquis times square xo #mycity

Black Opal 

I am so hungry now! Your prime rib looked delicious! Nice vlog!

Jay Jones 

Reminds me of Sun Dial.

Miss Bee 

Very nice vlog Chrissie. Keep them coming!

missy south 

What musician are you playing?

missy south 

Chrissie I love contemporary, luxury hotels as well so I'm glad you'll be posting spots to enlighten us. That music was SUper Classy. The food looked ok. I would have to taste it myself to compare to other high end restaurants I've dined at before.


I got engage there last year!

Brittany Davis 

Great vid Chrissie, that food looks delicious! I am sad to see there aren't as many views or comments on this vid, bw be well rounded, we need to know about other things besides colorism and racism. We need to learn to be happy and cultivate our best selves!

Edith Mendat 

Oh yessssss hon. I went to the 2 in canada the skylon tower in niagara Falls and the Cn tower in toronto for our 2 year wedding anniversary😍😍😍 omg very very very romantic spinning restaurant. I loooooooooooove the conrad. My husband and I did the waldorf in keywest😍😍😍😍😍 omg. We have similar taste I will have to go to Indianapolis now lol. I love a revolving restaurant

Mmmm Mg 

Chrissie, I just wanted to say I did an experiment.

I wanted to test something. I get called beautiful and treated well by all races of men all the time. Although, I see black men approaching black women with straight hair weave daily, a lot go crazy over the 2000’s video vixens models that have straight relaxed hair and weave, and followed those IG models that have weave in their hair. I haven’t worn straight in years. I got straight hair that looks natural and top dollar looking wig with body wave texture that don’t look like the synthetic weave black men talk about a week ago. I flat iron some of edges out. I went out just this morning to have all these Negros all on me approaching me just only this morning. They went to the extra extent to talk to me more than usual.

In the 2000’s, when black women were wearing weave black men said nothing about hair hats and they never told them to take their weave out. Now, it’s the natural hair movement (which was started by black women) with

Taylor Downing 

Wow this is beautiful... btw I really enjoy your lifestyle blogs, they are relaxing

Kejiana Taylor 

Oh my gosh I did not know you were an Indianapolis based YouTuber I love your content. And I love your channel! And I’ve been to the Eagle’s nest. And it’s absolutely fabulous. And yes girl I love another black woman was some taste! It was a wonderful experience and I would definitely go again. Very classy.

Rachel O. Brenya 

I am almost in tears. It is too late for me...but Chrissie I am happy for girls like u and Jackie aina who are living their best life.

Monica Sturdivant 


kelly ray 

Love it

sovereign blackwoman 

Love these



Shawn Simmons 

OMG I recently moved to Indianapolis. Can you give any suggestions on dating in Indianapolis. The dating pool has been bad for me out here. I'm 25 and most of the males my age range are immature out here.

kathy st jean 

Don't like glass elevator

Tahira Bedgood 

Living in the Midwest, I've been to Indy many times. Thanks, Chrissie. I will have to go there.


This is a breath of fresh air, can't wait for the next one.


Yes Chrissie. Live your best damn life.

Black Rose 

It's called lava cake and divine indeed.

sara p 

I never heard of a spinning restaurant that sounds so cool! & it looks beautiful wow!! 😮

Goldblum Lover 

Chrissie LOVE the music in the background as well!!!!

Goldblum Lover 

This is so cute and looks like a ton of fun!!! Jackie and Denis visited a spinning restaurant in Sydney not too long ago. Also I'm loving this Chrissie do more of these kinds of posts, I find posts like this very calming!! #versatility

Charlene Moore 

Ppl about to go visit that restaurant to see if they can catch you 😂😂 you have a very distinctive careful 👀

Marcy Lee 

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ it and it's a PERFECT reminder for us ladies to mix it up and enjoy our lives, as best we can, away from the pollution of wicked people.

I, too, quite enjoy hotels: the design, the luxury, the scenery and food, of it is palatable! 😍🥂🍾🍴 And in the company of your can almost imagine that you're in a far away place!

C Ali 

So classy! 😍🍸🥂


nice, i forget you live in Indiana. I'm in an Illinois suburb that's right next to Indiana. @Chrissie where did you grow up in Indiana if you don't mind me asking?

Daleigh Powell