The Overt and Covert Intimidation of Brandy Vaughan (Controlled Opp Training Film!)


Brandy Vaughan is a Merck employee. She pretends to oppose vaccines, but she works undercover for Merck. WATCH THIS VIDEO

In the video, Brandy pretends that Merck broke into her home - to punish her for speaking-out against vaccines, but we now know, according to city officials, that the police had never been to Brandy's house - which proves she is lying in the video!

WHY is Brandy lying? Brandy lies for two reasons: (1) so that you will worship her as a fearless warrior AND (2) to make you think Merck will break into YOUR home if YOU oppose pharma.

After watching this video, you'll understand how pharma controls your moovement!

Jessica Dunn 

Ugh, she just gives off bad vibes. Can't trust her.

Did she use her funds for an overpriced home security system? Sounds about right. You can get a good home security system for much cheaper that INCLUDES cameras.


Schmootie Kat 

Thank you there's a device very simple cameras all around and hooked up to your phone so u would see anyone on video live time from anywhere and keep video for prosecution. Capture these morons in the act have authorities there within minutes DONE

tioGa - of God's army 

THIS IS ALL BERY REAL - the brilliant people who actually care about you are speaking out & the evil people running these corporations attack them & us .. everyday! This is a real video & these are real stazi tactics used by very evil powerful entities running this world. ✝God bless

jeannine Poulin 

very strange that there where NO Cameras? in this day and age!.. specially knowing that someone is infiltrating your home... something is not right with all of this. At the very least, she could have hired a private security firm for a few days to set up an around the clock surveillance of her property.


Comment section...Don't believe her? Then line up and take your vaccines either way it's your choice!

Zoiks _ 

3k for an alarm system with no video capabilities? No proof just talking and expecting ppl to believe? Tall order imo!

Benjamin Hancock 

Even crazier theory, perhaps she pretended that her house was broken into to falsely imply that the pharmaceutical companies were evil. No, wait, that's way too obvious.

Vaccine Myth 

So she works undercover for Merck, putting up billboards warning tens of thousands of motorists about the dangers of vaccines? Judge a tree by its fruit.

Dee Doubwe 

Frikkin xmas lights up already? HOOSIER!