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Welcome to "My Life Daily" - MLD

I'm Josh, a simple man from Manitoba Canada. I document and video blog (vlog) about my life and situations I find myself in on a day to day basis. Hit that subscribe button and follow me and my dogs Diesel and Sergeant on our daily journey travelling across all North America.





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Robert Hodgins 

i live 2 hr 54 mins south of Corinth, MS in Philadelphia

Dale Pearce 

Child's math, each washer holds twice as much as a drier.

Dale Pearce 

Europe has round wheels Josh, maybe you should get square ones to be different.

Or you could accept we are all the same and your hunk of dirt is not SPECIAL.

Dale Pearce 

The ROUNDABOUT is an alternative to STOP SIGNS and TRAFFIC LIGHTS.

Stop signs force you to stop even when nobody is there.

Traffic lights have a similar affect of being able to make people stop for no reason.

Roundabout only required to give way when necessary.

So when he drove through like that a stop sign would make that impossible, and traffic lights may have stopped him.

But no, I don't like anything that is different, roundabouts are bad because we are slow at adopting them.

Roundabouts are the whole world, including North America, grow up and accept.

Dale Pearce 

Let me guess, Fred Love opened the first one, I don't know but I doubt it's a great mystery.


That w900 RV, the blue wrapped thing on the purple frame was a jet engine probably of a passenger jet...COOOOLL!!!

Marian Western 

You need to practice your Southern accent a little more.

John Becker 

According to the website of Love's (doh, that rhymed), the "About Us" section, it was created in 1964 by Tom and Judy Love, it was created with $5,000 to open one store in Watonga, OK but then it was called Musket Corp.  Expanded to 40 stores eight years later.

dr D&B 

that song is badass bro

601 The Mississippi Gulf Coast 

That is your truck did you see the Palm tree on the bottom of the sleeper cabin ?

Hey Courage 

You're pretty damn righteous with that puppy. The little guy is still very much a baby. He's not "sorry" he's totally confused, he has no clue what he did wrong.

Kevin Schroeder 

You would'nt want them to call it "Hates" Loves is a kinder name

Jb King 

not a whole lotta banjo in there

mickey burton 

you were on hwy 157 right going to i65 so

Brian Stepp 

Even Trucker Josh has trolls!!! LoL. Too funny............ Sargent is gonna be HUGE!!!! He's already gotten SO BIG.

albert soler 

Next time the mutt pisses on your bedding rub his nose in it then kennel it. Its a dog not a human being!

Chris Johnson 

He's not sorry, he's confused stop being mean to that puppy and adjust by waterproofing more!!!

Jack Package 

What kind of dog is the little one?

Jack Package 

That's a beautiful flag.

Craig Cathers 

Great vlog  Josh. as always !!

Steve Powell 

Loving the audio and new graphic, very nice.

ricardo Madrigal 

you should play more music thats something similar to thats something funky


Those 19 people that didn't like this video can go to hell lol.

Keyon McCoy 

Peed the bed, Hahahaha sargent

Bossed up Brandon 

too many soft people let Josh punish his dogs how he likes


josh i told jimmy rants to look at your channel because he was going to get PO box because you have one listed on your channel page he might find your mail opening video too!


Truck at 7:38 is a kenworth longline i believe.. +Trucker Josh VLOGS

Joe May 

Trucker Josh at 9:46sh look to the upper right of your screen that cloud looks like a duck

Duane Fuller 

Are you near Jade & Jons home

Tom L 

To late to punish Sargent!You have to caught him while he is doing it,and punish him,by saying a big loud NO,and get him of the bed.The cage is no good to punish Sargent.He just don't know why he is in the cage,and what you are saying.After 10 to 20 second its to late to punish him.

marie mcclish 

poor puppy he will get better as he gets older, he is such a cutie just like the owner hugs love you 3 take care

George Travers 

In the Boston, Massachusetts area, we call "roundabouts"="rotaries".

James Bailey 

Like ur videos ur awesome

Atevaldo Aragão 

Very good beats funky, I like too man!!!!!! awesome !!!!

gerald may 

waterproof mattress pad is in order


That's getting back at you for talking bad about Europe on roundabout.  By the way round about can handle multiple exits without having a bunch of traffic lights causing motorists to stop & wait while wasting time & money.

daniel sienko 

What is the song?


I agree on the roundabouts  and they suck, and lots of people cant grasp  the concept on how to use them and it really sucks for Truckers. we have lots of them over in our neck of the woods in WI drive safe

Doug Mcintee 

It's ok I have volume control

Mike A Drover 

And as I reported yesterday “PS: and yes I do remember “FUNK” and for all the brothers out their that live in NJ or NYC, listening to ‘Funk’ back in the late seventies or very early eighties, we all jived together. And who does not remember “between the sheets by the “Isley brothers” and yes I know its not ‘Funk’ respond back at let me know where you were back then. Hell I might have been their. 

As always, thanks’ for taking the time to make this video! And I support this site. ~M~

Mike A Drover 

Been-their, had that done to me twice. Why oh why? Do puppies know how to push our Buttons?  ~M~

kev davs 

Hey trucker josh loves started in 1964 with tom and judy love.look it up and click history.Have good night.

Dermot Byrne 

Hi Josh, Diesel and Sergeant, buy yourself a waterproof whole bed cover that way you have no worries if Sergeant has a little accident. Sometimes when puppies are close to you and when you leave them they have little accidents. Sergeant just loves you so much, your his big buddy. You leave he thinks he did something wrong to you.

Russell Jack 

Stuff happens and I've owned a few dogs from puppy stage. You've got to keep on your toes and look for signals from them. Had one dog that would walk to the door when she needed to go. Was great and yes she had accidents a few times, but this stage will pass and you'll look back and perhaps chuckle about it. I know I did. God bless and keep on trucking.

Elijah Doggett 

Its different on smartphones to see the link touch the title on your phone

Larry Legg 

Sorry about your bed.  Has been my experience in life that you can't trust anyone or anything except yourself and the good Lord.

Larry Legg 

July, August and September can be a bit hot and humid down here in the South. Humidity can be as high as the temperature.

jason s 

Do you ever feel that getting another dog is just to much in the truck?

Joseph Blough 

love that song!!  ;-))


Love's's_Travel_Stops_%26_Country_Stores started by the couple Tom and Judy Love.  Now you know why.