The Importance of Linking AdWords and Google Analytics Accounts - Google Best Practices


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Like sunshine and the beach, or dogs and tennis balls, Google AdWords and Google Analytics are great by themselves but even better together. By linking them together, you’ll get high-performance insights into your ads and your website that can give you an edge. You can get a deeper understanding of the interactions your customers have with your site by working with Google Analytics metrics within the AdWords interface. That means insight into detailed conversion behaviors, clearer audience profiles, and a better sense of the customer’s journey from their first ad click right through to the conversion you want. To get more AdWords Best Practices, go to

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USA Disc Golf 

Oh, Steven.

"Common knowledge" seems to be dead wrong on this one. AdWords is 100% market driven and conversions are what does the driving. It's too bad that your experience was not a good one, but I have personally seen a plethora (yes, I DO know what a plethora is, El Guapo...) of success stories from advertisers who are utilizing the robust and ever-changing AdWords interface. I'd suggest doing some more research. Go Cubs!

Steven Williams 

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's pretty much common knowledge among the 3% er's group that ad spend on ad words is a wash. When you have a small marketing budget you could easily waste the entire amount on ad words only to get an ROI of exactly what you spent. Doesn't make sense. Good luck.