The Illusion: Admiralty Law, Common Law and the Sovereign


Excerpt of Zeitgeist Addendum. Admiralty Law, Common law and the sovereign. The person, and the man or woman.. two different entities. The law of the sea has overcome the law of the land.

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Ricardo Santos 

Fiat money is just a fantasy made to take control of resources and work from people.

Every time the UFR (Unconstitutional "Federal" Reserve) adds money it lowers the value of the money of everyone else. As the resources do not increase by simply increasing the money supply nor does work increases.

Money is supposed to be the unit of measurement of wealth, wealth being recognized control of resources. And just as its fraud to change the unit of measurement of weight or length in a transaction, is also a fraud to change the unit of measurement of wealth. Is a scam and has being a scam ever since Rothchild ordered his puppets to create the grand depression.

The taxes you pay go to a system that perpetuates this fraud. The real taxation comes from the increase of the money supply at will. When the money increases, the amount of money you got does not increase to compensate for the lowering of your wealth, thereof you are taxes each and every time this happen. How much? Gold was $18 whe

Jamie Anderson 

Don't wanna be any type of "person" none! Not a human either but only a man or woman.

krystal Marie 

i dont know how to word what i would like to say. I will make sense of what i think is appropriate. This knowledge has given me a unreal advantage. I have seen Gid so that i know to be truth. in my heart i know that there are scripture. i think that the enoch books may be real scripture and the revelation too unsure of all the rest except i know in my instinct soul mind body and spirit that there is a jesus and a God just so you know im very joyful that you created this video i hope it wakes people up

Renegade Blade 

so countries and nations are corporate entities?

General Sands 

World's Largest Protest on #Nov5 by #Anonymous