The Firm - Firm Biz

Patrick Martin 

Thank You DR DRE...😂😁😁😁

George Yemen 

I'm just trying to be happy talking firm biz

Daelin Proudmore 

The chorus is weak.

Delander Henley 

Say what you want. Fox killed Az and nas on this track.

Delander Henley 

My favorite firm song. I use to take long trips and put this song on repeat.

Hello There 

Man, that jumping out of window and explosion then scene of the twin towers....

Donald Flowers 

That rapper in this video is supper hot yess lord


just heard the original during the grammys... had to come back and listen to this!!!

B Ron 


Halfman Halfamazing 

This shit was doomed to fail from the jump. So many things wrong with the concept and execution that its hard to single out one thing.

Tosha Crooks 



Stephen Dove 

Az killed it

Jaajaa Rogers 

Top tune 🦊 Brown was lucky 🍀 up their with high top rappers she had a great time 💯💋👏🏼


*NaS = G.O.A.T !!!*

Mark Masters 

The only reason this joint did not go "All about the benjamins" status is because Mase had "luv you so" out at the same time!

Daniel Louring 



To be a teen again during this time. So much good music.

john doey 

I think Foxy was 16 or 17 here

Shuz Mc Jenkins 

This album had so much promise.... I’m still pissed it didn’t blow up like it should’ve!

Ty Nitti 

Niggas wuz young. Dawn was tryna recreate after en vogue, but nastily, and niggas was still stuck on havin a white mob boss. E420s in the drink n everything.....still 1 of my favorite videos....ever....seeing AZ slide that buggy eye round that corner....classic!

Joy A 

Dawn Robinson was so f**kin bad

Bruce Thompson 

Foxys bars were weak compared to kims.. that's why kim is bigger and the only thing on foxy that got big was her ass , along with those titties sagging to the floor

LaToya Matthews 

Who still bumpin' this in 2018?#classic#thefirm 🔥🔥🔥

South Carolina 

90s was the best

michael michael 

Nas is Nastradamus



Jonathan Soko 

2:05 Esco and the visualiza practicing for the upcoming jiu-jitsu tournament.

Lew Bloch 

This is the wrong "The Firm". How did they get away with using the same name as The Firm?

Andrew Fico 

90's hip-hop ❤

Brandon H 

This video is definitely from 1997, I remember almost all the videos looked like this lmao

bep 2 

nas said some shit az dint like

Giles Peterson 

Starts at 0:36

Mr. Ekenna 


javi m 

I remember phone tap getting more play than this in la. This video was pushed more than phone tap though. They tried to hard to keep up with bad boy with this one.

Purnima Shetty 


Reservoir Dogs


Elijah Demon Kelley 

Firm Biz By Rapper The Firm And You No The Business By Rapper Project Pat Peep it Out

Deron Williams 

This use to be my song back in the day.

C Dub 

Awesome Memories!

mike da dragga 

These new dudes jus don't know what we had💯

James Watts 


Metrius Adams 

Dawn Robinson from En Vogue singing background vocals

Omar Bonner 

Nas and Az goat

Ty Gaming 

Foxy so pretty 😍😍😍

red sun Last 


LadyMocha's CafeDeParis 

I always had a crush on AZ he's so handsome 😍


Foxy...still foxy in 2018

Tongan Link 

AZ is a beast he shoulda blew up more in the scene had crazy bars nd lyrics were phat but guess he got stuck in Nas shadow as they were always partners

Qam Yasharahla 

"hate females with no intelligence."

Clifton Jones 


Shawn Kemp 

Sosa AZ is the Best Top 3 If we talking Bars & Flows Az owns that department