The CCTV People 960h Vs 1080p

High Definition CCTV 

I made this video, glad you like it, - Colin - HDCCTV.CO.UK

Greg Smith 

Thanks for the comparison

Reggie R2 


Божидар Стефанов 

Thank you for video!

Paul E 

Big help in determining to spend the money and upgrade from 960h to 1080p, thank you!


Readability of license/registration plates is a big thing, because in an apartment or condo complex with very few ways to drive in and out, being able to read that number (if your cameras are wisely-placed) can help the police develop suspects in cases of larcenies from vehicles and other such crimes. It's surprising how few crooks take the trouble to steal plates and put those on their car temporarily. Most just drive in with their own plates on the car.

Key Wizard 

Helped me a lot on my decision becoz some sellers will tell you that there is'nt much diff between the two but it clearly showed in this video that 1080P is much better,thanks for sharing.

Crazy Newman 

thank you. have been looking for a real difference between the 2 resolution.