The Business of Beauty Blogging


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FTC Blogger Guidelines & Rules

FTC to Fine Bloggers up to $11,000 for not disclosing payment

How to contact the FTC about potential blogger violations

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This video is in response to videos

CharJay "Sponsored Video FAQ"

Taren916 "The ugly truth about YouTube and business"

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Astral Weekend 

What if a company reaches out to you for an affiliate program, but you have to buy the products at a discounted price? I'm new to beauty blogging and a lot of companies are reaching out to me for affiliations but I'll have to pay.....?

Ancient 11 

thanks for sharing your view

Gail Robertson 

Excellent Bravo Very elloquently said. I think you are the bomb. You have good looks and brains. Keep up the excellent work. Great camera style. You speak very clearly and simplistic. Thanks again. You are the bomb.!!


Your view is very well done.:)

Elizabeth Temi 

Do you know if wix is a good platform? Also, how do you go about buying a domain for example for a blog with wix or how could I find out please?

Zsavette Wortham 

Thank you. Thank you. And, Thank you! I have been looking into becoming a video blogger. I am a paralegal, legal researcher, and an professional writer. I love doing movie reviews, and "my thoughts or views" on pop culture, media content, and interesting news worthy topics. Your video was awe inspiring. Your information was very precise and noteworthy. Your personality is "OFF THE CHAIN!" I look forward to seeing your engagement video. Congratulations!    ~Vette~

bila bong 

U r wonderful and awesome!! This is what I am talking about.. Honesty is key to anyone's heart!! In my opinion

Jen Luvs Reviews 

I have no idea how I missed this video! Well done!

Michelle Batson 

great vid your personality is awesome.

Lauryn Evelyn 

Hello! My name is Lauryn and I am a 13-year-old blogger. I would love for you to check my blog out.. It would make my day :)

Thank you and Hau‘oli Makahiki Hou!



Dana Delikat 

Awesome, frank info....


Very informative. Thanks!


VERY GOOD INFOMATIVE VIDEO. I started my channel 6 months ago and from the beginning I don't let people "tell me" how to use my channel. I even told one "hater" that unless she puts money in my pocket, I will do what pleases ME. I am still in "Youtube Trainning" and just have fun with my channel because I don't understand every terms, but you DEFINITELY helped TREMENDOUSLY. THANK YOU!!! :)

Maritza Prince 

Hello and thank you so much this is so informative. I wanted to know how can I start a blog? Without money Im a single parent in between jobs Im a Freelance MUA and I want to start blogging but I dont really have to many products to blog about as Im on a tight budget right now any idea? To start building one?

on a budget?


Nice information.


thank you for making this!! always wondered this


Great video. Highly informative without the bias, judgement, and hostility of similar dialogue going on in the world of youtube.


I'm desensitized to people making money off of me without my knowledge.


This message needs to be broadcasted in every nook and cranny of the YouTube universe. If the video is sponsored, then there needs to be disclosure. Period.

Kristen Unscripted 

If your a fan of fashion and beauty, you just might be interested in my blog Twenties & Fabulous. Check out my twitter page @KrisDevonne and click on the url in the homepage! Enjoy!


I'd like to know what type of camera do you use to record your videos? Thanks.

Auset Price 

Thanks for "Keeping it Real"


absolutely right. penny stocks trading needs good patience and advice from experienced professionals. just listen for now, One of my friend making tons of money from penny stocks with professional easy guidance. have a try and make the most of them :) ->


no, i haven't. i don't do reviews or use many products in my videos unless i've purchased them myself.

Karla Sheabon 

Awesome info. Pretty Young lady too.

Karla Sheabon 



Love this video. Very informative


Do you do integrated sponsorships??


Can your do a similar video about having a blog?


not sure what you mean....are you asking if someone could put ads for themselves on their videos? if so, yes. you can create pre-roll ads for your own channel, using ad words.


this video is about how bloggers make money, so it covers the YouTube partnership program, CPM, adsense, and FTC laws in addition to sponsored videos.

Avielle Amor 

Great info! I didn't know this.


that was definitely a rant about sponsored videos, nothing else...

Melba Vinson 

@chescalocs Question : Could someone feature a blog sponsored by their own ads?

The Posh Queen 

I love u soooooooo much.


yeah, i see those saaaame people not disclosing. it's very disappointing. i've lost a lot of respect for bloggers that i used to love. it sucks.


Hey. I watched your video several months ago & i often refer it to friends & classmates bc it was truly insightful. I still notice many beauty bloggers not following the ftc disclaimer.and they know its wrong if ur viewers always ask about really bothers me bc i think they really dont care about anything but gaining profits.Thank u for this great info:).

V. Renee Harvey 7Lotus.Spirit7 

Yes, this is good to know, this is helpful information to those consumers that are out there just looking for some helpful advice or a product that will help with there situation. I think more people should be honest and upfront, but that is just a testimony to their character and the product they endorse.

Uz Archille 

i dont think you know how helpful this was...i was tired of asking people on youtube who were too FAKE and PRIDEFUL and SELFISH to answer


Answers to all my question. Thank you :-)

Stephanie Harman 

Follow my blog IrishBeauty99

Zelda Palmerino 

After trying and hating products that my favorite beauty blogger recommended, I started to see if anyone made a video "warning" viewers about sponsored vs. non-sponsored videos & came across yours. Thank you for making this. It helped me understand more about the "business" and I appreciate your honesty!


Thank u for this info!


You are a sweetheart and a genuinely good person. To take the time to explain all the different ways to make money in here and then detail all of the drawbacks is really admirable. Keep up the good work!


Great information. Thanks!!!!

Duchess Vina 

Thanks!!! You've provided very useful/helpful information.

Rai Locs 

Really good video for a new blogger. Appreciate it.


well, i have many interests! "chescaLOCS" is my hair channel and "chescaleigh" is my comedy channel


I thought this was a youtube comedian... whats all the hair vids for

Laura Neuzeth 

What a great video. Thank you so much for making it.