The 9 Enneagram Types at a Party

94022 views -- The Enneagram -- taught in ancient civilisations -- brings compassion, tolerance and harmony instead of criticism and judgment of ourselves and others. It uncovers your true gifts, enables permanent letting go of negative patterns, gives deep insight into attitudes, reactions, and behaviour of yourself and others, improves all relationship dynamics. By unlocking the ancient knowledge held within the Enneagram symbol the true nature of human consciousness reveals itself and we are empowered into harnessing the huge positive potential that lies within the infinite nature of our Divine Soul.

For more than 20 years Veronica Croft has been working with people to help them understand their own patterns of thought, reaction and behaviour, always with the great desire to empower them to create more peace and harmony within their relationships and to live their lives as an expression of their true potential. Now, through her pioneering work with the Enneagram s...

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What a beautiful woman.

AKing StateOfMind 

I’m sorry I guess my earbuds are broken goddamnit

Daniel Tisoň 

Sorry, it might be interesting, but so boring that not possible to watch all


I'm a 9 and i dont drift off but maybe its because its my biggest pet peeve when others do that! try to be really present always.

Reina Jaay 

I constantly type as a 2wing 1 or a 1wing2 but the other day I asked a friend to help me take the test again and I type as a 4 and they swear that the description is fitting. Also, I according to your video I am definitely a 4 at a party.

Rodri A Cruz 

i'm a 9w1. i have social anxiety and i am occasionally a jerk, but yeah it's kinda cool how most everyone seems to like you. i think i just give off this vibe that i'm childish, innocent, and somewhat helpless----but most of all, just chill and nonjudgmental.

Tea uwu 

Yes 7 😎

Michael B. Bertsche 

6w7 babeyyy

Lauren Maslin 

I have a nine personality, and people do generally tend to like me. I am geninually interested in what the person has to say and to make sure they are heard, but I can be listening to two conversations at once if my mind wanders.

S M 

LOVE this video! Thanks for sharing


this is so stereotypical


nice video :) who is the speaker?

Di Strachan 

Haha! This was great to watch and thank you. As an 8 watching this I felt that this poor woman has been dominated by an 8 in her life and hasn't been too happy about it. It was hard for her to say positive things (what she said I would agree with but she left out a few's like to have FUN...and for others to have fun at parties and in life. We like to inspire and help others. We like others to share their stories also...inclusion... It was fun to see this. Thank you...

Haemor Rhoids 

As a 5 I'd rather think than watch. In fact party situation makes my mind uncomfortable and makes forming a metaphysical thoughts very hard.


From what I understand everyone has 3 of the types ( one for each category: heart, will, and mind). For example, when I first found out about the enneagram I understood right away that I was a 9,4,5. Some commentators on youtube seems to believe that 4 and 5 are polar opposites. It makes me question what they actual know. Do they understand what the lines mean?


Accurate observations! The 1 and 3 descriptions were spot on for my parents. The 4 and 5 descriptions were true for me as well. As a 5w4 who integrates into an 8, I can be such an energetic loudmouth if the opportunity presents itself.

Parties I go to usually have 2s, 3s, 6s and 9s. 2s & 3s seem to dominate any party, with the 6s and 9s following them to join in on the fun.

Banane Wane 

I'd be hovering around the food or outside with a blunt and a deep conversation.


I relate to the enneagram 4w5 and I can find this accurate. I can be so insecure and also I don't like to disrupt the group's harmony so I can only wait to see if they want me to integrate or not. But many times I've found that not paying attention to my insecurities and jumping in can be really helpful for them also to know that I'm interested in meeting them. By doing so I have met a lot of really nice people and had really good friendships.


Ugh. I'm a total type 9.. Won't actively seek out conversations, but people generally appear to enjoy talking to me. Usually though, if i'm not fully invested in the conversation because the topic is whack – which is most of the time, I'll start thinking of something completely different mid-conversation, and just scroll through my mental checklist of questions to ask and responses (looks like she's wrapping it up, better nod and say "absolutely" or "for sure"). All to not offend people and keep the harmony, while i'm secretly devising of ways to get out of there.

Rickus Kruger 

How would you link mbti with the enneagram?


holy crap I am a super 9. if the conversation is whack I'm out of there. but you'll never know

Soul Matters 

Really good stuff. Very well presented and engaging.


I'm a 5w4 and I definitely relate to the description of the 5 at a party. I just want to observe everything.

Noah Hughes 

So interesting! I've done a lot of research on the Enneagram and would assume that I'm a 9 based on this, but I am also the one to drag someone on the dance floor, but I wouldn't want to be the spotlight, which was something that I did enjoy as a kid but as I've gotten older I don't like it as much for some reason.

Leighah Beadle-Darcy 

I lead with type 4...with a 3 wing...I resonate internally with the 4 in this clip...however, I notice I combat it by dancing for e.g...I go and get lost in the dance....and also secretly desire admiration as I am a dancer in my background. I also find a person I know and go and talk deeply. In most situations I come across as confident, but I recognise in social situations there is an underlying reserve, waiting to be approached, or I find a way to 'shine' (draw on my 3 wing ;-) )

Lauren L 

I totally knew the "drifting off, not really there" description was coming for the part about 9s lol

Liana Ge. 

Can you do a video on 4s? I think a lot of us feel pretty lost in life

Kara Lyons 

just learning about this sounds very interesting not sure what I am yet possibly a four or two

Enneagram Talk 

Your comment about the traits of the 3 indicates Narcissism. They stroke people in this way and if they feel the person is impressed they gain their narcissistic supply by it which gives them energy. They are used to this and get quite good at it over time in order to get the treatment from people they believe they so rightly deserve. If you don't provide their narcissistic supply they will more than likely find someone else to talk with and discount you as part of their inner circle, quite possibly viewing you as the one who is flawed rather than themselves. I could go on but that's the gist of a 3 with NPD.

Emily Hill 

I have a test on this enneagram types today and using an example of how they interact at a party really helps me understand this better. Thank you.


edit: emotionally honest


e8s are more honest than e1s in general; it's just that 1s are more obsessed with imposing their linguistic & behavioral norms/narratives that they've internalized & identify with upon others (aka judgmental criticism); not bashing 1s, just giving my experiential take (I'm a 5 btw)


Shit. I'm 7wing6


7w2 :)

Lara Taylor 

Nines can also 'zone out' at a party, from my understanding. As she sort of says here 'take note.. they may not be all there' You may be experiencing that as uneasiness..

Lara Taylor 

I used to be petrified of 8's .. I'm a 4W5. My partner is a 5 and can lean towards the 8 as his integration .. and I've come to love it. When he shows his 8'ish ness, it's pretty healthy most of the time. I've found that the more I have grown and become accepting of myself, the more easily I find it to accept others, including the 8, who. believe me, pretty much scared me to bits a few years ago. If you're a 2 (directly linked), there may be an aspect of yourself there that you're not accepting


I'm a 7w6, but according this, I'm an 8w7 XD


I'm new to this, testing as a 9 with 2 exceptions, once a 2, once a 7. I zone out regularly, most people are comfortible around me, I'm lazy & very content, conflict-avoident to the extreme, usually partnes with the big energy types, 8, 7, 3. I might go to clean plates in the kitchen like the 6, but to one out/escapeI do expect appreciation, tho, like the 2, & can be manipulative, as well as passive-aggressive.


I'm a 3w2 and the description of the 3 was me to a T, with a bit of the 3 thrown into it. I usually clash with the 7s and 8s in a social environment for the attention/control. Anyone else feel this way?

Sir Whistler Bhagwan 

and I guess she is above all this?


not sure if i'm a 4, a 5 or a 9.


I'm a type 5 the observer. Mostly I don't care parties, except when I meet a deep person. Then I would really like to have a dyadic conversation of some interesting topics. Unfortunately, only about 30% people are highly intuitive.

Taylor Noel 

I'm an 8. Bow before me ;) haha


Awesome video, so concise and easy-to-understand. I'm just starting to learn about the enneagram types and pretty sure I am a type 2. I also appreciate the description of the video about facilitating compassion & understanding. I truly strive for that, but I have to say, I have a great difficulty with type 8s. My compassion is lacking when it comes to 8s, I just don't like them! Do you have any advice, anything you can tell me about 8s that might raise my compassion for them?


Interesting! I'm a type 9 but I do feel the uneasiness/reservedness of a type 4 during a social gathering. Strangely enough, I don't think people can sense my anxiousness because they seem to like my company and generally be comfortable in my presence. I had to laugh at the part on drifting off during conversations. 100% guilty of that.


I'M a 9!!!! lol!!!


@enneagramuk Really interesting, thanks.


@enneagramuk I'm new to all this and I am sure that there are many different forms of interpetation on these questions, but one site I just looked at after having done a quick Google search suggested that a six might move in a nine-ish direction when getting healthier, and the idea of a Britain arcing towards a more peacemaking direction is an interesting one.


@enneagramuk Fascinating!


@enneagramuk What enneagram type is Britain?