THE 18-YEAR-OLD who sold $10-MILLION in Real Estate his FIRST YEAR (How He Did It)


Miles Daly, who just turned 19, has already amassed a sales volume of over $10,000,000 in real estate since starting his career less than a year ago. This is our discussion. Enjoy! Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan

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Miles Daly 

Thank you Graham! It was great seeing you and I hope some of your viewers are able to learn something from our conversation!


im jared, 16. and i never learned how to fucking read

Glitter Kitten 

I'm not privileged so I've been in and out of college since 1999, I'm Phi Theta Kappa, 3.77 GPA, and the ONLY thing college has ever gotten me is debt. I geared toward Real Estate in the past but I was too intimidated and didn't know enough. Now I'm doing all the proper research and I honestly believe it's the only way to go. It's one of the only things out there that A. Isn't deadend and B. doesn't put experience above education. Every single deadend job out there wants experience over education, which is why I've managed to go from deadend jobs to completely jobless for the past decade. Sifting through all these vids is helping me figure out what my niche will likely be. I like it. I love the idea of doing open houses. I hate the idea of cold calls and door knocking; because I hate receiving cold calls and unexpected visitors!!! There really is something for every personality type in Real Estate.

George Freeman 

Misread the title and thought he was a picture of you when you were 18 in the thumbnail 😂😂😂


What advice would you give somebody who wants to go into real estate but almost all houses around me are sold for 100,000-120000 so even if I sold a house every month I would only be making roughly 72k a year

M R Cloyd 

dude, why college

mark meraki 

im 18 and Just started my real estate course

Jesse Gonzalez 

goals!! gj kid. had a chance of a life time and took it. internship to a high end agency, got mentored by a top sales agent with experience. that's the golden willy Wonka ticket.


I’m in college... I think I need to get my license ASAP . I want to be like that guy


He’s full time if he works 5 days a week and goes to school twice a week


22:00 It's why he's going so well. His build a community around his business.


Ober $100,000,000 in sales......well damn....


He's in the same boat as me. Getting my license soon. Hoping to mentor with an extremely high grossing realtor later this year and I'm 18. This is quite inspiring to me


And I'm here.. 20 years old just finished school.. hungry for success never worked for a boss but I'm going to for a year.. then stop because fk 9-5 and start real estate. Let's see what happens xD

Kingg Tristann 

Graham is effing gorgeous 😍😫


I think because he's so ugly, people feel sorry for him and buy.

Angel Castillo 

What are some good locations to look at in Delaware

Mr. Happy 

That sound @ 34:38 🤔😬🙉


Graham had a few orgasms in this video

Hatshepsut Economics 

What books do suggest for real estate? Do you have any favorite reads based on this subject? Thank you in advance


I admire you grahm

bob sanders 

lucky bastard in the bay area.... the homes average over 1 million

Vidya Mohun 

Hey Graham

When you are looking for an internship from a top producer,what skills should I possess?

Caren Alex 

So he net $ 125,000 out of 10 million , minus taxes...? 💚

Mariah Kristine 


Carson Browne 

Should maybe reconnect with him and film another video. Looks like he's doing crazy numbers now.

Mikerline Dor 

If he's making so much money, why are his parents paying for his college?


Get to work 

This is inspiring! Good for you! I aspire to be like this young agent.

Jebbo Bo 

So I'm a real estate newbie, when you hold an open house for the office like when he said he would volunteer prior to office wide emails, do you get that transaction for that sale or what? Ive been trying to learn as much as I can about real estate through YouTube and just haven't heard much about office stuff and open houses

Ayanda Ayzar 

Is it necessary to get a qualification in real estate in order to operate?

Jake Ryan 

Wow guys, great message. Really appreciated your advice to just get out and do open houses - make it a part of every Sunday. I’m going to take that actionable advice and put it to use as I launch my career in real estate here in Colorado Springs in the next 6-9 months. Keep up the good work, your videos are inspiring and helpful!

Dead Account 

Awesome videos Graham!! My names Tristan and I'm 16 years old . I started watching your channel a couple of days ago and I must say I must have seen about 80% if your videos. I love all the information you give, your a great mentor. I really can't wait to get into real estate I'm supwr excited! Quick question if you are reading this I know you didn't go to college and my parents really want me to go to college is it still a good idea to not go or should I play it safe. Also I'm from Texas in the Dallas area would it be better to move out to California where the median price of a house is higher? Thanks for your time and incredible content. Your truly an inspiration!!

Chrisss Mairena 

So how much money did he make in his first deal?

Dan Tolchard 

Hi if i am a real estate agent will my wages be very low and low commision if i work for a business rather than working alone?

Meta M 

Thank you for all the valuable nuggets of advices! Awesome!

nick parkin 

I think as you succeed its not that people want to help you less, its that you need less help and they want help from you.

Reef 360 

@GrahamStephan, Thank u for creating all these informative vids! Its such a blessing to have detailed content like this for free, as this helps me become successful.

Just a couple questions!


- I'm currently 16, half way to finishing up running start. I've been teaching myself about real estate as best I can, constantly. Striving to become knowledgeable in this field. I live in Washington state. I imagine there's not too much of a demand here compared to the west side of California (for instance)..

What are some things I should know/do in order "stick out of the crowd" as i begin real estate by being an agent @18? Does owning rental/hotel property in Hawaii sound possible/promising idea? Thank u, best of luck to you guys!

Konstnatin Vinogradov 

Interesting video! I am wondering, is this possible in Europe? I am looking for anyone who is investing in realestate in Europe who has invested more than 1.000.000 in a couple of properties and making solid returns. Preferred in south countries like Spain and portugal or eastern Europe like Poland.

The Mojo FloJo Chronicles 

in Indiana a million dollar house looks like the fuckin pentagon. your lucky to get a closet for that in california


I thought you had to be 19 to get your real estate license


Graham so if I’m 40 and New in real estate no one will want to help me?

The Matrix 

Learned SO much from this video. Thank you, both!

Farhan Rahman 

Instead of going through a company to learn and have to spend some time in the office and win over the higher ups , can't you just hire an independent mentor/broker who charges when you sell?

Marcin Kielkiewicz 

Good video. I like your ability to hustle Miles, both real estate and school.

Roman Savchuk 

Who the hell puts dislikes on Grams video's?

Collins Isaiah 

I’m from London, United Kingdom. Is a open house the same as a group viewing session?

Madrid Fan 

So how much money did he actually make for him?


Love the videos but you have way to many fkin ads

So You 

This is perfect. I'm 21 years old and currently working on getting my license. My goal is also to sell high-end properties in the Bay Area. I can't wait to get started! This video just inspired me to work harder so I can start ASAP. <3


I found that age gas nothing to do with people in your office helping you. They want to help you if you're new, regardless of age. I'm a lot older than 18 but have received so much support from all four of our offices.