Texas prepares for Hurricane Harvey

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Hurricane Katrina was freaking horrifying!


Steve,thank you for risking your life to cover the hurricanes for us.Special thanks for being knee-deep in water on your birthday.That's dedication :)

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Matthew Vincent Stevenson 

It’s a Karma for cuckservatif state

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alert florida

Jessie Tico 

Texas, prepare for Hurricane Steve Harvey!

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don't leave, remember is a hoax by the Chinese. ;)

Damion Mascoe 

This mthfkr a dumb ass right next to the fuckin

sierra evans 

why would those ppl stay at ther house when they said evcauate


He tryna die

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I feel so bad

Lily Ferge Vlog's 

He is brave to be in that wind

Joshreaper Rodriguez 

dude that was my first hurricane it was kind of cool I live in Orange Grove Texas not much damage only a tree that fell fence little broken hell Sinton Rockport Port Aransas and Houston got fucked up

even the Channel 3 News got scared shitless

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America ......stop killing people arround the world .....stop wars ......help people ........the god is angry .......

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ooo last day work jurnalist Fox News

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Steve is a gangsta!!


Be careful for the next disaster its called tsunami the big one .. I think this would be happen on 2018 I don't know what the exactly time and date ..

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Its raining sideways!!!!!!!!!!


The news is so cheesy as it bears down on the Texas Toast

Jose Navarro 

Its a dangerous hurricane. Let's send the reporter out there. He better get a big bonus for this


Pray for Texas too 😭😭😭

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I wish the news did not have to send these poor journalists out there and risk their safety. 😕


That bird next to the anchor man lop

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That bird at 2:15 is a spartan


Not to be funny but everything in Texas is bigger, prayers going out

Eric C 

Climate Change/Global Warning is a BITCH eh?! Keep telling yourself that it's not real u retards! Hahahha. Ya'll earning it!


What is his fucking purpose standing in that location?

Kyla Butler 

never is standing right next to the hurricane recording the news that serious, my ass would have been on the first flight out

Jayme Sigler 

I feel bad for the reporters. They need prayers for protection.

mirza orellana 

The real bad asses here are the damn news reporters!! Lol


This mf crazy as hell I would've quit before doing that dumb shit

Luca Headley 

Harvey? What kind of bloody girls name is Harvey? (Some will get it)

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Where is this guy to be prepping? Here in Houston everyone's like "yeah fuck our lives who cares if we die"

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I was in the hurrican but left the town in time so my freind wanted to stay she she stayed im scared for her she won't leave she had to right her number on her arm in case she dies they could adinify her im preying for her 😭💙💙

rocko p 

everyone should just come North it's safer up here


I wish a rogue wave would come along and whack guys like this. They're sooo annoying. We know it's raining, we know the wind is blowing and we know there's lots of waves. Enough already!!!!!

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My ibff lives in texas :(((


look at the bird behind him at the end of vid lol so fake

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Bitch ass hurricane IKE came in category 2 and fuck shit up this rank 4 left shit standing 🤣🤣🤣 IKE was a beast

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This is God listening to the Syrian children murdered by American bombs. The judgment day is near.

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Honestly my mood for today is this whole video


Critically ill newborns.

Toxic newborns you mean?


How about GodSpeak...

Mother's toxins transferred + vaccines.

Melina Gutierrez 

2:15 seagull

Michael vs. Scorpio 

They got it ALL WRONG at 0:26 They are TOTALLY FORGETTING about Hurricane Ike damn near COMPLETELY DESTROYING Galveston in 2008. These reporters are very bad at simple math. That was 9 years ago, not 12 as they stated!! Hurricane Ike was so bad that it was compared to the Great Storm of 1900 which also COMPLETELY DECIMATED Galveston.

DoctorKnow956 DoctorKnow956 

I have been thru about 7 hurricanes in my life and I have never had to do that standing with my knees bent stance, in the wind the way all these reporters do when I see them on tv.. they look like they re made of the same material as those banner ghosts you see at car dealer lots...."spineless" false news exaggerating the wind speeds...: ) or maybe I'm just fat...

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why do none of the reporters have helmets on??

carlos reyes 

You are an idiot literally

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How you enjoying that FEMA-socialism, Texas?

Stephan Wolf 

The rain, the hurricane brings, will decrease distinctly and the floods won't be as devastating as feared.