Terminal Ballistics Test (Part 2) .380 .410 Revolver & 12 gauge


We explore and test everything from the weak to the extreme and in between. You get to see how defensive rounds perform in gelatin. This part covers .380, .410 taurus revolver, and 12 gauge shells. DISCLAIMER: I do not own this video, all rights go to their rightful owners, and no copyright infringement is intended. This upload is solely for fans and will not be used inappropriately, please support the official release

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You can shoot the 454 Casull out of it, I shoot it out of my Taurus raging judge, I believe they stopped the production of it due to the unsafe recoil, they bees to put on a dampener up front I.e. Slots in the front so the barrel so excess gas can escape.

fallenpatriot 79 

This guy must not know much about guns. He made a lot of mistakes a real gun guy wouldn't. 000 buck is .30 cal? Nope. Everyone knows 000 buck is .36". Wtf?

Perico De Lospalotes 

I already knew the results, four .36 buckshot are devastating, just imagine a pair of shots in the chest of a bad guy. That means eight rounds slightly smaller than 9mm with a deep penetration? More than enough to stop anyone. In fact it is as a long burst from a submachine gun.


Why none of the test with layers of denim? Most other YouTube testers seems add denim as to simulate FBI standards as much as possible . Some bullets don't do quite as well with a extra layer of heavy denim, in fact some of the rounds you praise have tested mild compared to other rounds and don't penetrate to the minimum In FBI simulated tests. Now The federal 410 handgun shells you tested seems to kick butt in everyone's tests.

Azure Coast Media Inc. 


nathan campbell 

i very highly doubt .380 is ever anywhere close to 38 special, just like 9mm will never be anywhere close to .357mag ((equal ammo vs equal ammo)) that being said im very comfortable with my GP100 4" in .357 mag, drops hog and deer where they stand every single time, not once have i needed to track a single one, and its my EDC so im damn sure if it can drop a 250 lb+ hog it will drop a equal sized man no problem because lets face it, animals are far tougher than people in every way, that being said i very sadly tried hunting with 9mm and nope never again .40 did the trick but not very well and .45acp was a joke, think what you want but this is my personal real world real flesh and bone testing of pistols not gel and guess work but the real thing (((EDIT ALL HUNTING WAS DONE USING BUFFALO BORE AMMO)))

Mitchell Ota 

OOO buck is 0.36 caliber, not 0.30 caliber.

J. Gregg Campbell 

Nice video. I would only carry a .380 as a backup gun, lets face it we would all rather have at least a 9mm as a main carry gun, but a backup gun is a freebie. Any backup gun is better than none, and a .380 is going to be a small frame, light, and easily concealed and carried gun, even in an ankle holster.  Corbon  Ammo is some of the very best defensive ammo available on the market in my opinion and does a great job.  Their quality control cannot be beat anywhere in the industry!