Television Advertising: Top Ten Reasons for Using Cable TV in Your Marketing


Television Advertising: StudioCast Pros presents --”The Top 10 Reasons for Using Cable TV in Your Marketing Campaign, If your a business owner or marketing manager and you have not used cable to advertise in the past or you have not used it recently, I think you'll find our discussion interesting and useful for planning your marketing strategy and budget. Joining me for our discussion is Ms. Stephanie Clark, Regional Sales Representative with Time Warner Cable. Ms. Clark has collaborated with over 900 key decision makers Nationally, Regionally & locally providing successful advertising and marketing campaigns resulting in increased corporate revenue for clients in a variety of industries including; Education, Retail, Entertainment, Politics, Healthcare & Finance. I'm also joined by Dwight Cromie, President of the Altek Media Group. Dwight has been involved in the media and marketing industry for over 34 years, creating television advertising, marketing and public relations strateg...

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Selling cable is a lot like selling the internet in some ways, although not as bad. We say, like plastic, that the internet is a less reliable source of notoriety, why? Because it's not as expensive. It's not to say that if you have money, you're more reliable. It's to say that the local news organization has an agenda of good community. Every man for himself is not a good idea and has disrupted the market flow for some time now. I THINK. However, it's a quick way to get a quick one time job.

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