Ted on Jimmy Kimmel Live


Jimmy Kimmel Live - Ted on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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ExLandof Ex 

What the heck is this real


*Yeah so I’m gonna just say it..*

*V O O D O O M A G I C*

Mike TGM - The Gaming Master 

I didnt know that ted does not have a shadow

CoversGrande CB 

I was scared for a second

Usman Aly 

Is it a robot or what??

I thought it was editing in the movie

Zen luçifer 

If it's CGI then how the hell audience reacting.....

David Orozco 

How they do this

Ella Cara 

Hhmmm I wonder how much ted is

Elijah Koontz 

I hope that’s a little person not a real life teddy bear

Doug Heffernan 

This is fake!

hassan sheik abdikarim 

He sound like Seth

Deats By Doctor Bre 

He sounds like a combination of Brian and Peter Griffin

andre ciro 

i think ted really need to take a bath


am i stoned right now?

Anibal Babilonia 

Ted is real!? No way!! Fukenay! I thought he was just a stuffed bear puppet!! WOW!😱🤯

Crysis Evolved 

this is bullshit

Subscribe for No Videos, Content or Reason 

Imagine being in the audience.

- Tom Mccarthy

Chazmin TCMgamer 

How is this possible?? He looks like hes animated

John Hernandez 


Victor Moreno 

Wait what

wise Human 

Ted is my spirit animal 😍😍

Brent Kyle Domingo 

Is he really?


Seth is the best

Jose Hernandez 

Ted talk

Matt Fite 

I never thought in a million years I would see a teddy bear smoking a bong. 😂


wtf is goin on?

Jeng Vent 

That can't be real 😰😰😰😰

Bruno Ignatius Wartofsky (Student) 

its peter griffin as a teddy bear

wave ngxolashe 

why he sound like peter Griffin?

Sophie Chircop 


Ammar Sk8 


You Tube 

I need an explanation......how

Український гумор 

how they did it

Luciano Fabela 

Bro wtf is happening?!?!?!

Astro Boy 

I thought he was a cgi but no!

Gods Plan 

Wtf did i just smoke


So this actually happened

Nathan Huppert 

How did they do this

Edward Bb 

Lmao i honestly thought ted didn't exist in real life and was only in the Movie. Didn't know He was real wtf

Shafi Deyan 

what did i smoke

Jose Juan Aguilar 

Is that really him or just a robot

Zahra Mohamed 

Love the job interview 😂

Jawid Mathews 

"that dog used to run universal studios" lmao talk about subtle


Damn cocaine is a hell of a drug

Ellis James Plant 

For anyone who is wondering, it is Seth Rogen in a CGI suit

Greenblood 52 

Do they just have a little dude in a CGI suit and the people there just pretend they see what we see oln TV?

Waffles_Hype _ 

Omg he is alive!

Eric Cordeiro 

Is this real or do stuffed living bears exist???

Joy Okwuonu 

Ted doesn't blink!!!

Draco 96 

Build a bear is sick