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My wife and i enjoy ours long trips short trips. We find all back roads.


The slingshot looks like a deception. So too does the logo on the steering wheel.

Chris Y 

I got one of those speakers, it really is dope. Great speaker! Thanks Joe.

Rade Maxwell 

When r u going to stream fortnite again

Also make moreee softwareee videosss


The music is so bad I couldn’t listen more than 30 seconds

D -Money 

On my second Kove after you recommend it, LOVE THE SPEAKER!

David Borrego 

Joe, you should review the F-150 Roush.

1 MAN ARMY Guzman 

Where in Colorado is that at? Looks dope, do some donuts in the raptor off road!


Rumor has it joes vids are more addictive than coke. I think im feeling the effect

Stefan Arhangelov 

Nice video as always Joe! Could you please share your Spotify playlist or something? That would be awesome!

Elite Clinical Research 

Dang it’s cold in the rado. It’s probably going to be shocking in Houston.


Grand Lake is the tits

Anton Slizzardhands 

Slingshots look fun, but they seem completely impractical.


haha such a cool video

Brandon Bousquet 

Hey Joe, when you travel do you just take one lens with you or are you constantly switching lenses? Great shots and great footage. That Slingshot still looks fun as hell but not worth the investment to own.

Eric Cue 

Nobody caught the camgirl joke lol -_-

Patrick Libunao 

“Making a couple vids with Becca” - ok Joe


Those pictures would be awesome iPhone wallpapers :)


lm in houston and have a miata kart its a 2007 same thing but 100x better lol have some videos on here and instagram@driftslutt


Humidity in Stafford TX +80%, oxygen level 21%

Humidity in Grand Lake, CO <45%, oxygen level 14.8%

If you're susceptible to high-altitude mountain sickness, then yes, you need to take precautions, like staying well hydrated.

Jonathan Tran 

Can you do a review on the Ferrari 488 pista! Please and thank you!

C. M. H. 

It's not so much the lack of humidity. It's the lack of oxygen at 9,000'. Take her to an oxygen bar. ;) Thank me later!

Nicolette Swinton 

I absolutely love these kinds of videos


Get off the road. You are hilarious.

Vacay Automotive 

Everything about this video is great!!!!

Baraka Gitari 

this is a comment

Manny Leal 

Is Colorado a nice place to live.... If not then where ?

Manny Leal 

I really like that truck.

Tommy Brunelle 

If you want to try something else on three wheels that feel like a go kart, try the campagna T rex. Its so much fun.

Dan Patrick 

But, his videos are awesome!

Dan Patrick 

Is a joe a dick?

Dope Soldier 

Pictures are siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick 👌🏾 and Becca is beautiful !

Sem Meijer 

Drove the Slingshot last week, too bad they are like €36k in the Netherlands.........


Colorado is so GORGEOUS.

Knew nothing about the slingshot until now. I thought it was an expensive street legal F1 imitation car lol. Then you said 165 hp or whatever lol. Had no idea it was 20k. Seen one out on the road here in NJ.

Brian M 

3:23 did you say GT3???

Matt Kennington 

Altitude RX or ChlorOxygen pills and a lot of water really help with altitude sickness (migraines, dizziness, nausea etc.). Start taking the pills a few days before you go up and it will help a lot. We live in Houston as well and go to Telluride several times a year and the pills are a must for my wife or she can't function at all for the first 3-5 days.

Mark Dominguez 

He probably meant used for 11k

j carrico 

62.5 mph

Felix The cat 

what up joe keep makin cool shit dude cant wait to see what car you pick to tune in the new warehouse cop a freakin p-1 already man keep it funky

Connor Cozart 

Photos are killer, and the video is even better! So stoked to see the vid of the Raptor tearing shit up.

Zubair Sohail 

Y'all are making some really sick content! Just love the whole Alphalete crew and how y'all have grown over the years.

John Pohorecki 

I love your Colorado videos man, please make one with a Porsche up there

Michael Tab! 

All the pics you took and showed on this video are soo cool!👍

Jared Baker 

The best Vlogs. Period.

Bryce Litfin 

Another fire edit from Joe Knows Everything

M. Ramirez 

Can’t wait to hit the slopes in January. Keep up the great content Joe!


Pretty sick edits man!


Ayyyy you saw Canela and her does bro!!


The discount code displaying on the radio of the slingshot was pretty badass! Great video..


great music choice !