System Change Out | Hilmor Vacuum Pump in Action


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milton mejias 

Why dose it smoke up ?

Earnest Thompson 

nice pump though

Earnest Thompson 

That micron gage needs to be further away from your pump just food for thought...

Grant Dupont 

Your micron gauges are in completely the wrong spot it is supposed to be the furthest point away from the pump So the vacuum your pulled is not as good as you thought it was


ICP not real big here in AZ!!

Willian Portela 

nice set and great work! greatings from Brazil.


Nothing more gratifying than a smooth install

K H 

Evacuating lower than 250 microns causes the compressor oil to fractionate.


You overcharged because dad  did not bring the Crawdads. Always listen to your elders. Great video.

Billy Og 

I always put my filter dryer closer to the evap.

Cachanilla del norte 

The micron gauge it's in the wrong location,false readings.install the micron gauge at one far position of the vacuum pump

Sean McDermott 

Goddamn that Hilmor is Sexy !

Jim Price 

nice work

Justin 95 

That's a sexy pump lol


Maybe I didn't pay attention but I didn't see a secondary drain pipe on the air handle John

Maui Kawi 

clean work

Hvactech Rob 

Great job John! Not knocking or doubting your work but I would have done something to made the return work without that long loop lol But we all have a right to have different opinions so don't take that the wrong way!!

Zeke Montgomery 

Lmao draw another arrow

Dustin Lee Peoples 

Micron gauges do not belong on the pump, pull cores, and remover tool.. Attach micron gauge to port on remover tool. Just a thought .

Felipe Tafolla 

Nice video John, I'm rocking a 5cfm Robinair, that Hilmor looks nice but it looks very similar to a Robinair, the body style, sound, the vent, all my Robinair needs is a shoulder strap😀😁, nice pump though....

Matthew Westhoff 

Two questions. I thought you're not supposed to use a piston with a heat pump! All heat pumps we use TXV's. and why don't you have heat pump feet for the outdoor unit?


hell of a Good Job tell pop's his  work is very professional!!!!

na na 

You know what the best vacuum pump is? The one with clean oil in it...

Trent Parker 

Looks Great Pal!!

Not your average kid 

nice job well done john

Spector NS5 RD 

good shit, John.

everton campbell 

How much does that pump cost?

everton campbell 

Great job love the love that vaccuum pump how is it

Alex Wagner 

Dang that pump is awesome. Nice install!! Like the return idea as well!

The Air Conditioning Guy 

Very nice install. Gotta love those change outs!

TP Services 

Nice looking install John. I like that new pump too.


think I'll be sticking with my JB pump! always love the content brother. Thx for posting✌

Harry Dickson 

Nice job John

Daniel Zamora 

Job well done 👍🏻 John !!!!! Love ❤️ those Comfortmaker !!!!! Just one wrong thing I saw on this job , why you making your Dad work so hard ???? He's retired !!!! 😂

David Ashabranner 

nice to see you working with your Pops John. I bet he really enjoyed it too. as always install looks great too.


I cringe every time I see that vacuum gauge... I KNOW YOU LOVE IT JOHN! I just cant!


Thumbs up for dear old Dad. hilmor vacuum pump for the win...go team hilmor! :)

Came out fantastic John.

Alexander's Refrigeration & A/C Videos 

nice video!!

Brett Latimer 

Great job my friend.

You are a great technician.

OcRefrigeration,Hvac & Electrical. 

Good Job ! Nice looking install. I like the 18" down and back return for quietness. That smooth 180 degree turn is the key to quietness. Good vid. Hilmor seems a little noisy. Check and see if it has a gas ballast it sounds like my robinair when the gas ballast is open. Should be closed under 1000 microns.


In before the haters come talking crap about running a piston...


good job


the pump starts off loud but gets quiet. almost like a robinair


good install guys! its good to see father and son working together.

Texas Made 

Recover? Ever heard of a de minimus amount? LOL!


Very impressive!!!

JH HVAC & Plumbing 

She gave it a quick bj

Michael Lee 

Hilmor put the sucker on that ICP system.Great installation,John Israel HVAC