Swing Trading Strategies - ADX Indicator Trading Strategy & Moving Average Strategy


Swing Trading Strategies - ADX Indicator Trading Strategy & Moving Average. Swing Trading strategy with ADX Indicator and Moving Average For Beginners Explained.

In this Swing Trading Strategies video I have covered ADX Indicator and Moving Averages based Trading Strategy recommended by Linda Bradford Raschke. This is a highly effective Swing Trading Strategy that is implemented on Daily time frame to Swing Trade stocks successfully.

I have begun this video by explaining in detail about ADX Indicator. I have explained how ADX Indicator should be used to assess Trend strength and not the direction of trend. ADX Indicator is plotted in the same window as Negative DMI and Positive DMI. I have explained how one has to interpret Positive and Negative DMI with respect to ADX Indicator.

This strategy by Linda Bradford Raschke revolves around Price Action, ADX Indicator and Moving Averages. I have explained this trading strategy in detail. She recommends choosing those stocks whose ADX I...

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Anil K 

very Good Explain Sir,

delan peter 

Sir i wish if u could do a video explanation about buying a stock for swing trading using this set up.

delan peter 

Very informative video sir

Madhu Kiran 

Sir one request if possible please do a video on Fibonacci as well related to this

khushboo patani 


sumit tanwar 

Unable to find code for high beta stock can you help with it sir!

ashish saivanya 

Excellent!!! One of the best Chanel on YT. Lot of learning and knowledge. Thanks and God bless you.

mukesh kochar 

Excellent. Very well explained

Sathiyamoorthy V 

As excellent as ever,thanks

Loganathan Ramasamy 

Your video's are great. Please keep posting. This strategy is also very effective, will try in the coming days. BTW thanks for keeping it in english.

Gowrishankar Inc 


Manikanda Prabhu N 


srinu vasu 

This the very Best one Strategy I ve seen for going long or short, and thank you for giving some time and knowledge.

I just want to know that can we apply same adx and 20Ema for intrady setup, or else is there any best intrady setup please provide.

Suhas Ambre 

Nice video on this strategy ..thanks, just want to know, if you have done any tweaking to it as ADX is slow indicator so 30 threshold is bit high by that time the trend progress to more than 20% (just my observation). if we can reduce this threshold then probably we can get early entry. please advice.

Sudarshan Wankhede 

Any site where I can see RS graph ?

Sudarshan Wankhede 

Dear sir...Nice secession and this is noiseless strategy... Whenever I come across ADX it was always difficult to understand and use. But afterwards this 30min secession video ; the way you explained it's Amazing now. Thanks alot for this wonderful secession. :)

Jashpal Singh 

Kindly define in hindi sir ji better for us

mukesh vaghela 

अपने एडीएक्स के ऊपर काफी अच्छा स्विंग ट्रेडिंग के विषय में बताया कृपया आप वीडियो हिंदी में बनाएं तो बहुत ही अच्छा रहेगा समझने में आसानी रहेगी और लाइक भी ज्यादा मिलेंगे

Mohit Singh Puri 

Thank you, sir.

You make it simple for us to understand.

Won't hesitate to thank you.

Practice is the key to survive in this business.

Lastly, Sir, I want to help you back with anything I can.

It would be an honor to meet you someday or at least know more about you.

Cheers to life.

From loss to profit my journey has been wonderful mainly because of you and other mentors.

Let me know if I can help you.

Thanks for everything.

Anyone reading this must consider subscribing.

Dilip Shimpi 

good suggestions

Mohd Siraj 


sumit tanwar 

Sir wat you say about dabur today

Jagadeesh T 

What's the equivalent of Relative strength in Zerodha?

Dipak Medhi 

thanks sir

yshoda hospital 

Sir candle volume chart wre can we get


Great video, mind blowing, Thanks a lot for your effort and time. As a beginner these type of strategies are easier to learn and practise. This will help us to withstand in market before learning the complex strategies and trading psychology.

I thanks a lot from my bottom of heart on behalf of all beginners.

yogesh chitte 

Nice video..

Bijaya Kumar 

Sir, in swing trading strategy u were using 200 DMA , stochastic indicator and also beta of the stock in trading view.com . I didn't get the beta indicator in trading view . Pls help

Gajanan Chavhan 

Thanks ... where is beta code script?

Subhendu Ghosh 

Thank you for sharing this wonderful strategy. I have some query . Do you plot ma with rs? If yes then how meny periods ? And is it compulsory to consider beta value? I'm trying to build an afl to find such stock. Please reply.

Selvendran K 

Already I'm using it with RSI. You cleared my doubts. Really it's useful. Thanks


Really clear explanation ADX Indicator. I will go through the previous videos as well. thanks for your effort and time.

Sandip Barokar 

Sir which technical analysis software you use

Plz reply sir

Sandip Barokar 

Very simple yet powerful swing trading strategy sir

No requirement of costly setup and trading software

Thanks to you sir and thanks to LBR also 👌👌👍👍

Dipak Dentist 

Best stock market channel in India

The way you describe is unique


Thnx a lot for the video... what if a stock retraces back to 20EMA and close above it and next day if it goes back below previous days low which is below 20EMA? Is close below/above 20EMA important ?

Tessy Saju 

Waiting for a volume candle series . once you told that you will make it.

chunduru surandranath 

Good morning brother, had a doubt in plotting market profile session chart in trading view

Under rows layout we can select number of rows(which comes as default)

Row size 24 as default

Which is preferable as another option is

Rows layout-ticks per row

Row size- n number(as per your experience).


Ashok Kumar 

Excellent, i am gonna practice, thanks a lot

Sudhir Sananda 

Very beautifully explained...but when to book profit..

Vineeth B 

Left with no words to appreciate your efforts 🙏🙏🙏

Sam Sindhi 

Great learning sir..... eagerly waiting for video on option chain analysis for last week of expiry

Tanmay Ghosh 

I have never seen such a nice and simple explanation along with sharing the in-depth knowledge. Thanks a lot sir..

vaibhav pattalwar 

I have observed many times that supertrend acts as good support or resistance. Can u make a short video on it..

vaibhav pattalwar 

Gr8 video n nice and clear process explanation. Keep posting I like ur style n technical knowledge....

ramesh sable 

ST, excellent explaination of market wizard's trade set up using Adx. Thank you.

Vipin Narayanan 

Once again excellent video. Really appreciate it. One thing I didn't get, when to exit? Trailing SL?

kulbir singh Chugh 

Sir, on investing.com the indicator directional movement is the same as ADX OR different. Can we use this strategy in option trading

Sridhar Singamsetty 

Thanks for the video. Hope exit target could be at 15% or recent swing high or low.

Also please share some good intraday strategy.

Sandeep Verma 

Hi, Thanks for this video. I have been using ADX and 20EMA since last couple of weeks, and analysed Nifty fifty chart on hr time frame. And this set up has given very good and confidence generating one. Though I have not taken any trade. But this set up of ADX on hr and 20EMA looks very solid to me. Your observation or views pls. One more thing other then this topic. Is there any way to know FPI's nifty or bank nifty index position during mkt hrs. If it is possible form any source. Thanks.