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On the latest Patriot Act, Hasan Minhaj takes a look at the iconic streetwear brand Supreme, the economics behind its hype, and how the company's future might change now that it is partially owned by a large financial services corporation.

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Fortified Mind 

Don't forget Marc Ecko.

Hakuna Matata 

So what you did is just give them some more buzz .. .hmmm that makes me think maybe Netflix is actually in the Carlyle group.. hhhmmm

Alex Kendi 

What a great job👏👏👏

Shivam Kulkarni 

I know it might be a pointless question... but why Supreme BOLT CUTTER???🤔🤔🤔

Matt Murray 

I thought it was just a dumb T-shirt, but now I know it’s just plain dumb.

Gurprem Singh 

Lmao the Carlyle group sounds like a vampire cult.


this is mad

Sunil Patil 

Does Chinese knows the supreme?

They know it🤣🤣🤣🤣

Prakhar Pandey 

Yeah, Gandhi was racist

But still better than your 'founding fathers'

Caj Newbo 

When you talk about conspicuous consumption in history but don't mention the Dutch tulip bubble

Lord Genasis 

Its like owning a macbook pro in my school.

GamE FrEak 

SUPREME!? I dont get why kids r buying this for overpriced. I dont get this millenials at all.


Capitalism preys on human nature. The notion of having something no one else can have - something that not only individualizes you, but elevates you in the eyes of others - feeds right into people's reward pathways. At the root of any human desire, is the pursuit of gratification. Even when it's short-lived, and brings a greater aggregate of pain, lust can overcome all faculty of constraint.

Emz emz 

This guy hassan is just a puppet



Andrew McArthur 

Netflix couldnt afford a graphic designer for those shirts?

One Religion 

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Nana Chunk 

Yesterday I saw a guy with green Supreme pants digging garbage bins looking for used beer cans (in germany you can return it for 25 cents), cant believe he wears an expensive pair of pants.


Very smart , Allah bless you bro

Matt Ng 

ngl id buy the corperation shirt


Hey all you dislike is have any reason to just like anything?


I tend to agree that Hasan is funnier in a charismatic improv way, whereas Oliver is more measured, factual and calculated. Don't get me wrong, I still absolutely love Oliver's show, but it a somewhat of a different format. Banana's and oranges and all that. Yea, sure, they are both fruits, but one is sour and one is sweet.

I like them both, but for very different reasons.


My Mom almost had an aneurysm when I showed her this.


Buying overpriced crap shoes shows his intelligence.

Luis Gutierrez 

These clothes are hideous. Worse is people spending so much money on them. But whatever floats their boat.


The Chinese really don't see color

BpTS is the revolution 

The Alassad joke was horrible... He is not a dictator... He is an amazing president who gives equality for all religions and cultures in Syria and he saves us from Syria's biggest threats (Isis, Israel and the USA).

Stop the propaganda and let the syrian people choose their own government and live happily...


hasan apni skin care routine leak kero yaar help a behen out :P

Vantage TV 

Ah Hasan, did you really have to remind us of Gandhi though

The Ripped Reaper 

The red in the Supreme logo stands for the blood of innocent Yemenis being bombed by Saudi jets (the manufacturer of which is a partner of Supreme)


not sure if I like this show or not....

I hate that I can clearly see & feel he's reading, (although I know they all do), but I love Hassan Minaj and i love the Genre, so i am so confused.... it feels unnatural... but I wanna watch it coz I like the guy...

Ed Lopez 

dont hate the guy but he has such a punchable face.


Pepsi Max 

Im not standing in line for life saving medicine , these people are crazy

William Ottow 

That Antoine Walker joke was great

Los Negros Blanco 

Sheeple , 150$ for sneakers hypocrisy

Los Negros Blanco 

Do you have any idea what HIP-HOP CULTURE is to USA== DEMISE AND SHAME

Nitish Thukral 

Any Indian parent will be like,

a brick for $150..........for what so that I have another thing to beat you with.


I wonder if Kim Jong Un wears Supreme? That way he legit would be the Supreme leader.


how is it that more money you get the lighter your skin gets ??

Micheal Kelly 

BAPE and OffWhite way better than supreme, you lame if u buy it ha


So they just pray on the fact that people are stupid sheep

Jacob Main 


Chu Ka 

Had to be a Nigerian. Supreme is everywhere there


I love how cool that old white dude was. "Generic old man."

Max Aggropop 

you have never lifted anything in your life, and now you want a brick? why can't you just do drugs? like a normal kid. XD

Breanna Smith 

I want to put that brick in my wall


His outfit needs a logo or it is, it looks like he is in front of a green screen

Mohamed EK 

I agree with him in terms of what has been saying and criticizing so far. But I wanna know his opinion about real stuff forget politics forget dictatorships. What about real dark stuff about people controlling everything behind the curtains.

Bamgm14 Fun 

He Ain't Wrong...


doug keyes 

Anybody else want a supreme pizza right now