SUNRUN IN THE WARM UP!? $35000 1st place!


We end the week with a fantastic deep run in the Sunday Warm-Up, enjoy!

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Channel:  Lex Veldhuis
Topics:  Gaming
Just Basics 

Well played

John Rambo 

The joy on the king river, great to see lex.. hard work paying off

Evan Nguyen 

Dude I love your videos man, been a fan since your World Series run where you bluffed like a motherfcker lol. You’re awesome, deserved!! Make more videos and more wins!!!


congrats bro!!!

Ивaн Иванов 


gris withmilk 

Fkin cunt

George Mi 

8:42 "All the fucking work just to loose one flip"..So true ! gl Lex

Dany Hermawan 

Actually by showing lex can beat hundred of players showed that their software can determine the winner


hey lex in 56:25 you had QK didn't it was better to raise call the shorts and fold to the BB or you was going to call any why

Nuno Fonseca 

nice 2019 start, keep going

I Hate Everything 

And how come every time i watch a tourny go deep on stars...its always the regs who win the "kj vs kk" type of hands

I Hate Everything 

How do I raise good 10,2......for 3 and a half more big blinds to call his jam? Getting over 2 to 1....the guy asked if it was chip dumping, hes correct unless u just made the most insanely awefull raise fold with ur stack size there??? Very weird

Bob van Alphen 

First time watching your streams. Really enjoyed it. You're so much more humble than when you were younger and you thought you were the next poker wonderkid. Now you're genuinly happy when you win a flip and that's nice to see. Gg and gl

François Lecocq 

btw what do you think about his hand and his call at 31 mins :) thxguys

François Lecocq 

that run made me sweat as well

Don Bailey 


Gauthier Auchroy 

Can somebody count the number of f*ck is said on this video ?

It's for science !

VGG Lex !

Patrick Green 

nice run hahaha

Ludovic Robbe 

Thanks you so much Lex .

Кирилл Иванов 

поздравления из России!)))

pat mil 


Rust Am 

Monkey win a banana. Let’s celebrate

Ziggy Young 

Nice win lex... do you sell % on your tornys?..


KQo has got to be a r/f filus is never shoving light with ICM pressure since he seems to have a clue.

Tass Vo 

that was intense watching. Thank you for being entertaining and a calm non annoying poker pro to watch that is super nice to subs. Great play. Great decisions. Insane flips indeed. Last hand was crazy too by that time I was cheering like craz.

Vi Neto 

Congratulations for the victory.

With every video you post, we learn more about being aggressive at the right time.


Blue blju 

Dude, congratz on the score but you have to chill a little bit. I like you alot but some of your reactions lately are realy fckd up....bashing at filusPL for making an obvious joke and complaining when someone finds a hand with your shoving frequency (KK vs KQ) - not saying that you shouldnt shove that much with that stack size but be prepared to face some hands once in a while...


in the 2nd last hand, when you placed the mouse where the all in button would pop up, waiting for him to shove.....I know that feel. It's go time. I had to fist pump when you faded the club on the river. WP GG sir.

Marko Vukovic 

You should really stop using the Lord's name in vain.

"Oh my God, oh my fucking God! Oh my God!"

Also shame on you for promoting that obviously rigged for action software.

If you weren't sponsored by PokerStars you'd be broke by now.

Dylan Sahlin 

It's so refreshing to have an entertaining stream that doesn't have Doug Polk's toxicity. Great run and well deserved!

Adam Pasquale 

Nice one.

Benoit Crevier 

So funny how pokerstars doesnt run like that for me.. I guess they rigged it so ppl like him with viewers gets scammed

Panda Lu 

Best video on your channel :)

Karlos Spades 

Been watching for a year now, way to go man... congrats, playing in sunday storm mini million today

Ranjit Singh 

So weird seeing Lex run good, congrats man sick run!

Bob Congo 

gij zie r slecht uit man

Bert Jannes 

Hey Lex! geweldige prestatie man!

Zelf kan ik wel aardig pokeren, maar zou toch heel graag meer willen leren, en professioneel willen pokeren, heb je misschien tips voor mij, die mij kunnen helpen in het bevorderen van mijn spel?


Eli Bak 

You must hate tax season.. LOL

A B 

good run, well played. gl

Jim B 

22:46 He tricked Lex for the double up Limped in QQ induced the raise and possibly set up the shove to look like semi good A10 vs QQ two tens lol....

Matthew Marshall 

So fucking good you pigeon

Igor Jozefszoon 

Nice but could you please dont say Fuck all the time? You sound like a high school wannabe gangster...


"" I'm so happy I need a sip of water ""...... What a fucking


Robin van Persie playing power,


the setups haha .. so insane .. would like to see lex do this on a non sponsored (team pro) account ..

Will Moffett 

Who the fuck is telling all these poker player to start youtube channels?

asaf kibel 

GG Lex well Happy for you

Ziecha 16 

congrats lex!


Vay aq