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Subnautica Gameplay - Building the Biggest Base City in Subnautica! The IGParadise 2.0 Will Be Bigger Than Ever! Welcome back to Subnautica! Today in Subnautica we discuss rebooting the IGParadise, and build the biggest and most elaborate bases ever to be created in Subnautica! The biggest bases, the biggest cities, the sky is the limit! Let's Play Subnautica!

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bob job 

Do a base in the crash zone and make it a huge base that supposedly was made by maurgarita maida to get spoilers alert

in below zero maugarita may have survived so how did she get there

Sexist Air conditioning 

I think a research site for the bulb tree in the lost river would be cool

lord _ 

I want to see a giant reaper leviathan shaped base near that meteor crater. The lore will be : the precursors built a mech reaper to scare away predators from attaching their base.

Elias Obrist 

build a giant zoo that contains 1 of each leviathan.

TurtleDerps Gaming 

Build a friggin leviathan

A base that looks like a goast leviathan

Jonah Perjus 

build aurora as a base and have all the things that are in the aurora in the base.

moc man 

Can you build a reef back cage that was abandoned so the reef back is trying to escape

Slayde Stewart 

So build a giant skybase that has a lot of foundations so that you can walk on it and the story part is so that you can watch the sunbeam explode

Evon Curry 

Make a base in the shape of the gun

byron jolly 

Build a treehouse in the cove tree


Make a IGParadise 3.0 in below zero

super Espeon 

make a base that is like a cage for all the leviathan's (even the sea empor) have it broken

Jermaine Gutierrez 

Build a base around the meteor (and make it look like people were studying it)

The Foundation 

Make the aroura safe again by building inside and outside of it with safety things for when it sinks also I wanna see if the aroura can destroy foundations under it

JAE Stevens 

make a base around the meteor with lights around it and 10 observatories linked together then a huge like 50 x 50 base above them all and thats it

Leonardo Stevenson 

I want you to do a super big glass city in the void

Purple Schatz 

I’m 2019


I know it's too late to suggest anything, but if it weren't, I'd probably go with an underwater Empire State Building (you'd need to know how big the MP rooms are & do a bit of math to know how much stuff to use in order to make it to scale), consisting of a foundation, a single stack of multipurpose rooms, & glass tubing around the outside, & it would B flooded & abandoned, only needing just a little reinforcement to fix it, & the bottom three levels would B nuclear, just needing some new rods for power. And the various floors would B one bedroom apartments, only accessible from the outside, & there'd B a sub garage nearby made of moonpools.


Here's my idea: the sky spire

It's a huge base located on one of the islands, a giant tower of multi-purpose rooms with various parts branching off, which would lead to bedrooms. at the top, it would be basically a fortress with various farms of land plants. Bonus points if you can get a prawn up there somehow.

general virginia 

Idea I can never did ensenada because I wanted to do it you know the erect around the Aurora weather Aurora self I always wanted to build a base in the Aurora like a mansion place like that would be pretty cool to live in the Aurora and then travel to each place like the big gun the other places like connecting all the places just walking around that's a pretty good idea but I never got around to it even in creative you try that idea out try to get to the other bases of the alien structures and get to your pod and then get to the Aurora and you can walk around to each place that would be pretty cool

Tina Catalano 

build a base going through a teleport

Jacob Peace 

Build a shipyard(or sub yard) where you can build and upgrade subs and build docks for the cyclops and also build a research facility around the crater and the point of that is to study what the precursors uploaded and possibly bring them back


build base in sanked aurora

ViciousVlack poppa 

This is avaiable still? XD sounds very cool


Build me a big lab to study the seadragons and then have a cyclops with prawn suit.

Make the power only nukerlar and destroyed.

Connor Yates 

I Know This Is From 2017 And My Comment Is From 2019 But I Wanted To Post My Idea Anyway

So About 341865000 Years Ago A Lab Was Built In The Creep Vine Forest, The Purpose Was To Research Stalker's, Then The Lab Was Attacked By A Giant Unknown Creature (A.K.A The Ghost Leviathan) And It Got Destroyed And The Power Died And The Lab Survived Cuz A Mysterious Sound Scared The Beast Away And The Lab Was Left In Ruins.

Make It About 26 Multi-Purpose Room's High And Use The Large Aquarium As An Elevator, Maybe Put SOme Lockers With Stalker Teeth In Them? (Make Them Wall Lockers) Add A Moon Pool In The Center

Posted By: Connor Yates. Im Leaving Some Signature Like Thing Cuz Why Not? 💫♉🕎♉💫

Prepscorpion 530 

IGP You should make a base that goes around the hole map

Braeden Cluff 

can you build a power plant in the lava biom and make it look realistic to real life

Lauren Peace 

i know im late but...CAN YOU DO A 3.0

Ethan Watrus 

I would like you to build a base starting at the meteor crater. With 4 stacks of multi-purpose rooms creating corners around the meteor. Each stack is to be 6 high with a window facing the meteor in each room. On top of the meteor build a stack of alien containment units and hatch all the eggs there so you can watch their growth, and make decisions on how the precursors caused possible genetic mutations. For a power source, let's do thermal if available if not then a partially built nuclear reactor with rods in a safe one set only but no resources to finish the reactor. That everyone will have to source out for themselves. Leading off from one of the multi-purpose rooms we need a corridor heading for the blood kelp zone. On the way place at least 6 observation dome and one multi-purpose room with a bedroom, this is to contain one bed, wall shelves and 2 duffel bags for storage. Another will have a desalinization unit, bio-reactor and all the essentials found in the life pod. Around th


Name: transfusion center

Biome: grand reef


After the story of the survivor of 4546b got widespread media attention Alterra decided to set out another ship to the planet. They did this knowing that the gun was turned off. The purpose of this was to build a structure designed to obtain DNA samples from the creatures of the planet to somehow modify them into a tamed beast of many uses, or somehow alter the human race to make us abnormal super creatures.

It should be prominently four large towers, each one made of four multipurpose rooms. One for power (nuclear), one as an aquarium, one for production of materials and general workspaces, and one for living quarters. There could be a cage for some type of leviathan (probably juvie ghost), and have multiple docks for cyclopses. There would also be a very long line of moon pools, going prawn suit, Seamoth, prawn suit, seamoth in order.

roblox gamer 

build a laboratory around the comet

DKtamr 1 

Build Atlantis at the meat or site as a precursor base or city

Wade Fisher 

I support the subnautica series. Like if u want more

Sans the skeleton 

Build a Precursor base. Go wild with it. Maybe a Subnautica:Below Zero Precursor base. Maybe the giant gun that shoots down the Aurora.

Max Fuchs 

Make it have solar power

FlamingPotato 101 

Build a base in the aurora looking out so you can se the reaper laviathin


Ca you built a gieant cyclops

Demonix Heller 

Is this still open?

Jack Pidd 

What was the point of the meteor crater?

Damon Alexander 

Can u plz build a sort of escavation site around the meteor with nuclear power. A bit like the one around Thor’s hammer in the first Thor movie

Mickboi Gaming 

Base Name: Sierra 7 Research Base

Build a Lifeform Preservation and Research Base. Around the mega mushroom tree. NOT the Lost River tree. This base is built to observe both the behavior of 4546B's lifeforms, as well as the effects of the Kharaa virus on plants and animals as well as their physical and chemical makeup. Build observatories EVERYWHERE, the primary building should be a few stories tall, the main floor filled with desks, research equipment, photographs, everything. the second floor should have growbeds for examining plant life. The second floor should extend off to a new building, a three-floor aquarium for examining animals. Fill it with mainly peepers and reefbacks. The main building should extend off as well to a series of scanner rooms, searching for eggs, reefbacks (if near), and any plant life they can detect. It should also extend to two moonpools of course, one carrying a prawn suit and one carrying a seamoth. Outside, there should be a large foundation filled with


I'm a bit late on this but... one thing I would love for you to build is an above-water base. I built one that started with a Moonpool and created some vertical tubes on x compartments. I built them slightly above water, built and X compartment, and a hatch on top, then you can build kind of like a square out of x or t compartments, and glass L compartments as corners. You can build up by making a layer, build vertical connectors, and put compartments on top. Build the ladder, go up, hatch on top, keep building. Pretty much building a sky base above the water! Mine was higher than the Aurora

Vihrencheto Alexandrov 

RIP survival world

Alduin 96 

]$\$7(# Subject building base &#’]¥{[~ hunting analysing base too large to engage preparing su(£’]¥[$<!!!!

Make a warper observation near a facility to study warpers and include a small area for warper to teleport in.

I dunno, i think warpers are really cool, scary, and interesting and I guess some behaviour patterns would make it easier to avoid or kill or just watch them.

Just use your creative freedom, I just want a warper observation facility.

i exist and so do you 

i would want a base around the ghost tree. just a hoge cage or something.

Yogscast Fan - Noah SAOALOGGO 

Build a lab that sits on top of the aurora and has legs that wrap around the aurora. Lore wise it could be that it was built to help further analyze the crash to improve tech and rip materials from. Side note, you fall through the top of the aurora so be careful.

Sarah Navin 

Base name the war effort biome void the base I wish for is the thumbnail of this video

Sarah Navin 

Where is the download link or on what video ?

Colin. Stickle 

Build a base with maybe 12 buildings that are like apartments and shops. near the Lost River entrance. Backstory

Humans have traveled here and recently they have died out and the base is filled with things but it includes many creature eggs in containment and it is paradise but with a risky cost. One section, which is the lab area, is flooded, and almost disconnected from the city but it contains many of the creature eggs.