Structural Engineer Interview | Is Civil Engineering A Good Major | NC State Engineering


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Video description

In this episode I chat with Nehemiah Mabry in a Structural Engineer Interview, Is Civil Engineering A Good Major, phd in civil engineering, structural engineering careers, civil engineering work, civil engineering major, structural engineering explained, nc state engineering.

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Jake Voorhees 

Who is considering their PhD in engineering?

Khalid Alhashimi 

Hi .. Mr why you stopped .. your channel is amazing

Abdul Majeed 

Hey Jake, im a structural engineer student from India !!

Suiabou Ceesay 

very interesting episode

Gustavo Esteves 

Too much inspiration from this guy

Chukwuemeka Ezeobi 

Hello, I need the 1% engineering kit... email address



Mustapha Danmutum 

can u still venture or be successful in this field if ur good in d math aspect but not the design or artistic part


great content, but seriously, get your hands out my face

David Silva Leal 

Hello, can you please make a video about earthquake engineering

On my 

ebbok needed....

Yan Ming Terrence Zhou 

Free book?

anush dsouza 

I need ebook

Gabriel Andy Fono 

hello sir please i wanna apply in the civil engeneering company but i graduaded my civil engenering degree 2 years ago in Africa .

please can i help me for my resume?

thank you i look forward to hearing from you


can you please recommend me books about structural engineering and reinforced concrete ?

Arif Yunando 

can i have the ebook?

Danielle Schroeder 

So many Civil Engineering puns in this interview LOL

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Muhammad Usama Umer 

Wow I want copy


I love this interview! As a fellow musician, and creative professional, this interview speaks volumes!!! Stretch your mind and you'll be more agile.

jayvone severin 

Wow, a lot of great opportunities. You guys are definitely right about volunteering. I recently heard about the non-profit 'Habitat for Humanity' a couple days ago, and I'm looking into doing that to give back, because I would really like to do a lot of humanitarian work in my field, and to gain experience and get my feet wet with construction and actually saying a building be erected. Also, what is the benefit of having a PhD in engineering? I know one in Architecture isn't really needed unless you would like to teach, but you really don't even need a PhD for teaching in that field. A Masters would do just fine.