STRANGEST Things Found In Hotel Rooms!


Check out the STRANGEST Things Found In Hotel Rooms! From thousands of dollars to a bag of sea turtles, this top 10 list has some of the weirdest mysterious discoveries made in hotel rooms!

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10. $6000 Cash

Hotel stays can often get very expensive, but for one visitor to the Miami International Airport Hotel, it could have cost far more than they imagined… if it weren’t for the honesty of one of the maids there.

9. Knives

In 2018, Natasha Connor, from Northern Ireland, had booked a stay at the Park Hotel, near Buckingham Palace, for her daughter’s Christmas present. Upon checking in, they were disgusted at the state of their room, but their biggest shock was still to ...

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Random Arcader 

Yes I've left my soul in the hotel room

Mylum O'Shinn 

#8 is an example of honest hotel staff that will attract more people to come.

Mylum O'Shinn 

Hotel maids are crooks, they'll steal your stuff if you leave the room.


Number 0: clean beds

DAN the diamond gamer 

I left a $1000 knife beside the tv it was never returned to me :(


Left a wool coat in one hotel back in 2000, they airmail it back to me, they knew my home phone number because of a promotion marketing discount which needed my basic info.

Donut cat 

Luckily mine have!

AwsomeYellow 222 

body/ body bag with a dead body

Elizabeth Hamilton 

Soiled clothing ughhhh

Casandra Lynn 

omg knives! no way that's so crazy.....

are you kidding me....

Ms Daisy 

The guy recognized the real courage

Richie Ray

Ms Daisy 

I like such jobs

Jose Bueno 

Yea my weed

My Name 

I need i need for..... I don't no but I need

Lilsnowcherry Popgumz 

¥£€} = Yep

Mr. Everything 

How is this possible?!?



Nintendo DS.

David Farezoco 

I work at a hotel & the things I've seen & found is astounding!


@Kateina. So - Katrina - with Your Lifestyle - How is it that You Have Stayed In so Many Hotels?????


Nobody notest the word under the lid of the tin ''CUMS''



Aether Entertainment 

Left my passport, watch and wallet after a wedding. They called the groom after we got about a half an hour out and he called me. We turned right around and were able to retrieve the items. Grateful for those people.

Brum Kid 

I left my wife once but they returned her :(


If i had money like that.. You'd never see it. Or know me..

Sirius White 

thanks for interesting video. sugary 'mince' pies are poison. there's a clip somewhere of a hotel toilet that was used as a barbecue by a guest.

Aint Rite 

my dignity. I left my dignity in the Holiday inn

dust collector 


Melanie McClendon 

On our honeymoon my husband left his wedding ring in the hotel room on the sink. I was devastated! We didn't realize it till hours later. We went back and the maid had turned it.

Michael Mills 

You folks need to ease off on the subscription-begging; it's more likely to run people like myself away than it is to encourage me to join.

That aside, I do enjoy your content. ;)

Lookie Pookie 

I left my virginity in a hotel

Sonja Morrison 

Maid of the month! Awesome! The only thing I have ever left in a hotel room is my pride. Yet to be located and returned.


I left my prescription of methadone in the mini fridge of a hotel. Had a flight to catch so couldn't go back.

Lily McIlhargie 

My sister left her stuffed animals once and we went back for it and the lady said she hadn't seen it. She was so disappointed.

Ar Music 

So you work check to check cleaning a hotel and have to pay for a funeral then find 6000 dollars in said hotel so you A. Invest the money and eventually stop cleaning hotels B. Read option A again or C. Bitch there is no C take that shit you giving money back to the people who couldn't take care of it in the first place u buggin

Greg Brockway 

#1-Holey crap, that short story in the flick “Four Rooms” is based on fact?

eustacio marquez 

I left my wallet and bank cards plus money in new mexico .hotel call me up in my home in Arizona ~~ super nice people

• ʟᴜɴɪɪ • 

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Aaron Andrews 

I left my watch once and the hotel mailed it to me. When my friend was younger, she and her family stayed at a hotel. She looked under the bed and found a pair of pink fuzzy handcuffs. Her mother was mortified and returned them the front desk.

Playmobil City 

I once left a canister of dog food in my hotel room

Somewhat important since it had all the food for our pets in there

Tails 64 gaming 

a dead bodey

Tails 64 gaming 


Tiffany Martin 

I left my. Money

Sofia Arteaga 

Number 8 was my favorite!

pink Quartz 

OMG i cry every time i remember it

I left ex phone in some hotel in Singapore i forgot the name by the way it was my first first phone in my life😭😭😭😭

Omg we were gonna be late our flight


My dad accidentally left a brick of Benny's (5 inch brick of $100 bills = $100,000) in a hotel when he was running drug money. He went back but could tell by the look on the managers face that they found it so he just left. Said he "was put to work in the factories" to pay for that mistake. Eventually, he went back to prison, for the third time.

Dumbass actually thought about doing it again, until I reminded him he can't be very good at it if he's been caught three fucking times.

On a fun side note, a book about him and his buddies and one particular drug run recently came out.

Folly Cove: A Smuggler's True Tale of the Pot Rebellion by Kermit Schweidel.


Moral of the story..... don’t stay at cheap hotels in Great Britain


Hi Katrina it's Mike saying Hello and have a great weekend.

The Felix 

my dignity

Nevaeh Stover