Stock Market Analysis 11-25-18


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This stock market analysis shows that Wall Street ended Friday bearish for the week. VIX (fear indicator) pops higher to 21.4.

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Ed Rico 

I stumbled on your vid channel recently and last week asked if you only do the Sunday video as I was not aware if you did multiple videos during the week. I’m not sure who was trashing you but that’s not appropriate as well as you acting out during your video. Just ignore the haters and stop being emotional

Raphael Compres 

I don’t understand why you let someone who’s obviously inexperienced and uneducated, who doesn’t know the first thing about position sizing or risk management, get under your skin. Throw on the blinders and keep moving forward. Don’t let the “haters” affect all of your hard work.


I took your trend line class and am pretty impressed at how well it works. I marked up a bunch of charts a week ago and, sure enough, many stocks this week are "reacting" to the lines. Of course, I'd known about channels and triangles and things like that, but taking the course was like putting on a new set of glasses.

The haters are like people yelling at the weather channel. "You said it was going to be sunny and it rained!" Okay, yes, but...

Rami Nihlawi 

Good job - you're great!

Jerry Stockdale 

People don't realize that NOBODY ANYWHERE knows for sure what is going to happen in the market, traders place calculated bets according to probabilities and stand willing to cut their losses if they are wrong. Its purely a numbers game your going to win some AND your going to lose some, a traders job is to make sure that their winners are bigger than their losers simple as that. We do have ways to be correct on direction more than 50% of the time but its never guaranteed ever.

Eric Detelj 

Thanks for the video; very informative and professional keep up the good work

Eric Detelj 

Do you ever trade XLI , XLY ECT..?

Chris Bellar 

Lol, suck it up butter cup! Haters gonna hate,,, thanks for the info!👍

Jose Delgado 

Keep up the excellent work, don't listen to haters!!! I did I took one of your calls and in fact made a killing one time!!!


Totally agree with you. Every trader has to take responsibility for their own trades; crazy to blame you for anything they do; they shouldn't be trading if they can't work out their own trades. Nice to have your analysis, but that's for support/confirmation or to make me re-evaluate my analysis.

Emeka Chiedu 

D7. I find value the analysis and content. Consider adding & delivering a disclaimer prior to providing your opinion. It will cover you and give you peace of mind. Keep up the good work.


Wish u would do monthly again - why did u stop? It’s the last week. It is the time to show it. Then the loudmouths will STFU. 😆 did the Colts win? Jets ummm didn’t .

Happy holidays!

Jimmy Russell 

Thank you for all you provide, enjoy listening to your analysis please keep up the good work. Happy Thanksgiving and hope you have a Merry Christmas.

Jinsoo Yook 

D7. You have been doing a great job.  Thank you for your video !!

Boubounette 101 

You are the Boss. Don't even waste your time reading toxics comments D7

Rick S 

D7 I have been watching your amazingly accurate stock call vids for ages now and this is the first time I've seen the trolls get under your skin. Even when you rant you still come across as the nicest guy. You gave a great example of raising your argument rather than your voice. All it takes is a couple troll comments and its like a troll signal for attack as they break down your defences with their troll filled trojan horse. 80% of your calls are correct, but you have one off day in turbulent market conditions, one of the first I’ve seen in ages & its like who let the trolls out who who who. If someone was foolish enough to use your calls to trade with - they would still be way ahead with a short call on your oil & bitcoin calls, huge percentage gains here! or they would have avoided a massive loss. Love your work and just wanted to say thanks for putting yourself out there with your calls, takes a lot of courage most of us don't possess. The fact that when your cut you bleed shows h

Joseph Knurek 

lol yep keep doing what you are doing. its all probability everyone should know that. everyone owns their own trades, that seems like that should be 101 level stuff.

Cesar Avelar 

By the way i bought your market maker video. Love it!

Rick Pinnon 

you are the best. There will always be haters.

Cesar Avelar 

Don't get discouraged Des.


Best customer service advice I've ever received was from BoA. "Some people suck"

C M 

@ 8:06 you said "Get your facts straight.....". Never let facts get in the way of a good argument.


Amazing Call on Bitcoin!!! Hat tip!


An abandoned baby bullish reversal pattern... Now that's a candlestick formation I never heard before. I'm guessing yes, that's a real candlestick formation but that is funny and morose at the same time. Made me laugh.

Tim Allsopp 

Always a great job! Many thanks.

David Demanbey 

I shorted last week and made money. The technicals did look like they could have popped to the upside but I still stayed with the trend. I appreciate your videos, and am very thankful for them. Saying markets are set to rise is not a green light to go long at that moment. Anyone who loses money trading has one and only one person to blame - themselves. Keep up the videos, we are all very grateful.

Island Gamer 

people cant take responsibility for their own trades.

The Pocket Shot 

Hit (SHIFT 4) over and over.

Karen Bentley 

Love you D7. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us. You're the best!


D7, you know that any trader worth anything has a plan. Anyone who goes purely off your videos is not worth your time or energy. What I would rather see you do is explain what you're seeing when a decision is hard to make. We all have those moments when looking at our data and your input at such a time might be valuable to some one.

Rubin Petkoski 

Whatever u do, dont watch 12-26-17 video. The bitcoin part..


I watch a number of different analysts to learn all I can but every trade I make is based on my own analysis for better or worse. Mistakes can be even more valuable than wins in the end.

ringo stark 

As always, thank you!!! You have great charisma and I found another real character, "Crypto Kirby Trading". Peace

Toucan Sam 

Liberal far-left progressives tend to play the victim card

Paul Abroad 

Des! Keep doing what you're doing. Been a listener since 2013 and appreciate all the hard work you do. People are just butthurt because their precious crypto & stocks are swirling down the drain. It's nobody's fault but their own. Cheers dude.

Justin Pliskowski 

That descending triangle in BTC has been apparent for months now...good call though...I didn't have enough balls to short it.


The SPY will go down to 225. All we need is a bad news such as trade war as an excuse or we need large cap stocks like Amazon, Apple and google to start selling off.

Mary Wilson 

Thank u D7.


Like this format and banter. Plus grrreat call on bitcoin. 😁

Steve Valdes 

Good job Grok


Why are you so upset?! You said a milion times, do not buy and sell based on these videos. You are awesome.


Great video man , love your stuff and been leaning a lot from you lately ! Don't worry about all those toxic losers, funny how nobody said anything when you called that major drop in October ! Great channel man , keep up the great work !

Boubounette 101 

Yeeees!! I prepare some pop corns and watch your video right now!!!

Ilir Vargu 

Des.Please keep doing what you have been doing.I have been watching your videos since the end of 2008, i am not a student but i do trade a lot and all i know i have learned from your videos.I am by any means successful because i do not follow all the rules all the time.and i know where my problems are but i cant wait for your videos and when sometime when you are away and dont do any videos i sure miss that.Thank you for your time and your knowledge,