Steve Kloyda presents "The Art of Prospecting" - Professional Sales Association (PSA)

291 views - Skeptics say that prospecting is dead. It's not. And it never will be. True, the old way of selling is dead and gone forever, but prospecting continues to be the foundation of all successful businesses and salespeople. Does the thought of prospecting leave you overwhelmed and exhausted? Have you been told you should prospect but you don't know where to start?

Many in sales complain about prospecting. Even you may not enjoy it. That can change in minutes with the right strategies and tools for success. During this power packed session you will meet "Hector the Prospector," and explore why he's still around.

You will learn why you experience "Call Reluctance" and the best way to eliminate it. How to apply the single best "Phone Approach" that separates you from the competition in seconds. Discover how to get...and stay... out of "voicemail hell." You will also learn how to apply Steve's "Formula for Success" when working with objections and the single best...