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In this episode we discuss starting a new engineering job, engineering career advice, engineer new hire tips, how to get an engineering job, engineering construction and management advice, engineering jobs in usa, what its like to be an engineer, what do engineers do? is engineering hard? engineering job advice

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This channel provides tips and info, and is a free community and education platform dedicated to making engineers the best they can be :) Topics include: engineering student tips, engineering student life, engineering student laptop, student engineering projects, student engineering interview, engineering motivation, how to get an engineering job, how to get an engineering internship, engineering job questions and answers, engineering jobs explained, engineering job fair, engineering career...

Channel:  Jake Voorhees
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Cb Rich 

Construction Management is not engineering. I was a CM for 10 years prior to EE degree and made better money as a CM and more fun.

All this is is job politics/behavior advice. It's just common sense and straight out of a self help book.

Noor Pasha 

Hello, I'm a Mechanical Engineer,

I really want to get into Research and Development but do not know how and where to start from,

Could you please help me?


Thought Bomb Design 

Great videos man. Agreed, communication communication communication. Being super clear and knowing your audience when you are talking, writing an email, writing a report....everything, all the time. I always review what I write asking myself 'is this written in a way that this person will understand?'. If the purpose of an email is to get an answer to a specific question be super clear that you need an answer to proceed. If I have multiple questions I find that bullet points are way more effective than a long paragraph. Also asking them to reply by copying your bullets and writing their answer after each bullet makes it easier to find info later and hopefully keeps them from skipping questions...

TonyKony d 

Lemme get those ebooks , going into Community to do my engineering tech mechatronics degree and hopefully get into purdue university


Hey Jake, I am about to start my first engineering position next week as a junior project engineer. I am going to take a look at all your videos and I would appreciate if you could send me the e-book package.

Thanks for the informative video!


Sean Brannen 

Definitely interested in the ebook!

Holly Hendrickson 

This is great!

Madison Pullen 

Hey I have a question for you! I recently watched your video about civil engineering disciplines, and your description of transportation engineering sounded really enticing :) Could you tell me how physics and calculus are integrated in your job?

Nehal Raj 

Your vedios are really informative

Jake Voorhees 

What questions do you guys have about your first engineering job? Thanks!


Ya ya it's 🆕

Clay Peter 

yay.... new video


Another great video! Thanks Jake!

Harry S. Plinkett 

It ain't just Paul you've mentored...

Paul Tabinowski 

Couldn't have summed it up any better. Thanks for all the help man!


Love it, this video has something for everyone. These tips are useful for all aspects of life; it's hard to understate the importance of networking and people skills especially. Keep it up man! ✌

kamal kanel