Start of a Lister 4 Cylinder by hand,stationary engine,Stationärmotor,Dieselmotor,Lister

dodo 74 

pure iron

Eudes Lima 

Que coisa mais linda

Narayan Hattiholi 

We had two Lister engines 30 HP each, coupled with Broomwade Air Compressors, in our stone quarry, during 70s & 80s.These diesel engines had given best services.I am proud of them.N.V.Hattiholi.Belgaum. Karnataka.

jacky jack 

wowww very nice and easy

Ari Mukti 

kerenn mantap


이 동영상을 보고 뇌가 돌고 돌았습니다

محمد المالكي 

فخر الصناعات الاوروبية والعالمية ليستر انكليزي

Taunter Atwill 

I would place that in a home made RatRod!

MAK customs 

How many of you watched it more than twice?

ا ا 


навигатор 54 




Happiness to good people, death to bad people 

very beautiful sound

Victory First 

Could you be able to tell me where I could get one of these engines ??? Thanks.

khoirul afif 

awesome 😍😍😍


Anyone knows which motor is this 🤔 ?

Bhishm sahu

Syazwan Silmi 


Specialized 29er 

Kick her in the guts Barry.

Subrata Ghosh 


Luca Wörle 


adri weststrate 

Good old Lister

joaquin cabello 

Consume medio tanque en arrancar nomas

Minh CKM2

Mo In 

I can sleep with this beautiful sound

Neeb Peter 

springt besser an als mein Auto zZ ...:-)bestimmt good old Germany Maschine :-))


Sound like 1.9 TDI


Starts better and lasts longer than a 2018 Ford Powerstroke.

No "Check Engine Light" either.

John Bias 

Do you wish to sell it? I have cash..

Nathan Dial 

Wonder what the compression ratio is...

Eman Sulaeman 

Babari pisan gening ngahirupan nateh

Ankitsingh Chouhan 

Very nice. Old is gold

Max Delacroy 


Bojan Joleski 

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Faustino Arcelay 

I have a peter listter in a generator and need to make it run .please help!!!!!!!


I want one in my car


Cut your finger right off! (Say it I'm a Texas accent)

Lorenzo Arendorf 




Pat Corrigan 

I just love the ease you start that engine 

I want to have sex with this.

Fridge Beer 

Starts faster than any dodge Cummins ive ever seen 😂

tom thompson 

now thats a lister ,,,, hate to think how much sand and cement the mixer it powers will take

Mason Wengeler 

Wow! A nerd starting an engine!

Eduardo Ventura 

Ligou, e agora ?

Kiełbasa Sklepowa 

Do it gonna fit in my honda?>

Stan Patterson 

Sounds great.  Too bad there wasn't more footage (it ended rather abruptly).  I'd like to hear this old girl under a bit of a load.

Piotr Lenarczyk 

Kto powiedział, że odpręźniki są przestrarzałe?

Carmel Pule' 

It may be an old engine, but it is still a good engine and sounds like new with that nice burn at the exhaust.

The starter has rhythm of his own at the graceful manner in which he starts it.

Music Krazy 

Superb old girl!!!