10 Stages of Spending Too Much Money on Video Games


Let's admit it, whether we like it or not, we are the culprits, at one point or another in our routines, we have spent too much money on video games only to have realized later that it wasn't worth it.

We did try to tell ourselves NOT TO DO IT, but we couldn't stop ourselves.

Here are 10 Stages of Spending Too much money on video games and what followers afterwords.

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Tim Clark 

and people bitch about pirating games


I spent $500 dollars on PVZ2(most)

But I spent dollars on other games like overwatch and rocket league XD

Melty Hungry 

I spend 1000$ on fortnite


Dont lie, WE'RE ALL BILLY.


*Spends 350 dollars on Rocket League Rocket Pass*

blabla blurk 










I’m scared I have bought £150 pounds worth of vbucks

Niikk Smooo 

i spent 115 on fortnite but i bought nhl 18 for 100 and still spent 20 more so i spent more on a pay to pay game

joel putnam 

I spent $288 on fifa and fortnite with my moms credit card. Just know, I never played again.

Jack is not in the box 



its just like drugs

AbstrusO'Genic Prodigious 

In Pops words "Good Show! Jolly Good Show!"

Arslan Tufail 

TL;DW - Billy's an idiot! Don't be like Billy!