Springs & Hooke's Law - GCSE & A-level Physics

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I think this is better than the tetxbook

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Oh yeah , yeah

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G is 10 on earth

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Sooo helpful! just confused how would you work out energy stored in a spring with just the spring constant and force of 3N downward for 2 springs in parallel?

Genius Kidd 

Probably some things change at a higher level but I think Force is measured in Newton


I absolutely love your channel.

A small pointer for those of you who don't get why area under the graph is energy stored,its cause Work done = Force X Distance ,and in this situation we have our force and the extension(distance) produced by the force on the graph, so to find Fx we do area under graph.

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i dont get it that much

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Your videos are so helpful! I understand springs much better now but I'm still confused about spring constants in parallel and series arrangements. Could you please please please make a video just for that? You've only discussed it briefly in this video. I'd be extremely grateful if you would explain it.

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thank you sir I missed my classes last week and you are truly a life saver! Thanks for your efforts. simple and clear just on point!

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1:36 he wrote sping first instead of spring 😂

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Clear photography and amazing resource. This channel is gonna be huge.

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Hey can you use your dank science knowledge to make a video on 'Young's Modulus , stress and strain etc'

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i am very proud that i know your channel

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I have my physics mock exam tomorrow and I just want to say that these videos are so informative and helpful to me. Very detailed and easy to understand. Thank you so much!