Solved: Please choose the root directory sdcard1 of ext-SDCard to grant ES permission to operate

coue ii 

Don't have a "document" folder. Doesn't work

Meher Unnisa 

Thanks for helping me... it solved my problem

a tu Z 

I don't know Inglish


He just said he don't know what to do

Irfan Khan Nasir Khan 

Are bhai document name ka koi folder hi nai hai

Akhil S 

Oru thengayum manasilayilla

Jay Soni 

my phone cant enable Documents

pankaj upadhyay 

In my mobile documents is not installed

Lokesh Manikpuri 

Abe chutiya thikh se setting shikha blur dikha raha hai

ravi bhushan 

Documents option is nt in my phone, wat I HV to do

drey Tóth 

on android 7.0 it's "force stop" "documents". thank you very mucho ;)

Manish Chavda 

I am having same problem..

but unfortunately document app is not available in installed apps.....

can help me to sort it out?

Glenn Gallant 

Great video but when I go to move media files I get the error please chose the root directory of ext-sd card to grant es permission to operate , anyone else get this ? this is on a firestick

SK Shubham 

Not show Documents

Rajeev Kumar 

i have not found document folder under installed apps .

o_ O 

When I go to app, I can not find document. I have android 7.1.1

Need some help here.


Raikou Ex 

in Asus Zenfone Go Asus_X00BD it cant disable the documents

Yuuji Ryugamine 

Worked, thanks.. i like it

Gaston Alvarez 

Thanks buddy, it worked. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Global.

Василий Смирнов 

видео хреновое,язык непонятен, но хоть увидел где нажимать эти документы в ксиоми!!! и за это спасибо!

Rob Baker 

I don't see the option to enable in the app titled documents on my tablet. So I still can't Grant access.


Thanks! worked for me too

Duane Gaming 

It worked, thanks alot

alejandro fulguera 

Finalmente gracias amigo

Ya se estaba llenando mi memoria de tantos packs que tenia en el almacenamiento interno.

Ahora mi chaomi aumento 15cm y mi nepe cambia de colores

Sky Hawk 

my huawei p9 don't have enabled button then how? cannot move pictures or delete picture

Simone Carneglia 

On my huawei I don't have documents!!!!

Thanos Ιnfinity 

Wow it really fixed the problem even though I didn't believed it was going to. Thanks man you are the best, keep sharing these videos with us. You just earned +1 follower

red rose 



You are the real MVP <3

Rahul Chadar 

kya h be dikhai tk ni deta

Ram Kumar Singh 

Eject your sd card and mount it again and then delete the files it helped for me..

after laughter 



at 0.20 press "select" it should then show another screen "open from" at the top and choice of "internal storage" or the "SD card", then it will open the SD card and display the contents with "select" written at the bottom right", press that and you are done, the operation will be completed, ie the copy or created or edit you were doing. Good luck!!

Jitu Mitu 

Thnx soo much bro

King Reef 

ewwwww indian sgit

Taha Buddy 

how to disible it plz help


how the fuck do you disable those hugely retarded overlay annotations covering the video? WHAT THE FUCK YOUTUBE

Husniddin Aliyev 

thanks bro!

euthimis papazoglou 




King N 

very nice bro

Deva Nathan 

Thank you so much, worked for me :)

Me 4 Tech 


Freak Nation 

in mobile not have installed apps


My documents is already enabled

Rishabh Namdev 

Thank you very much