Software Architecture | Architectural patterns | Architecture vs Design pattern


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In this video, I explain, in an introductory way, software architecture, how does it in the big picture, and the three important parts of it:

- Architectural Patterns

- Messaging

- Quality attributes

Also, I clarify the difference between Architecture vs Design pattern.

The various architectural patterns are mentioned and briefly explained at the end of the video:

- Layered Architecture/ N-tier Architectural pattern

Lesson Link:

- Microservices

Lesson Link:

- MicroKernel Architectural pattern

Lesson Link:

- Space-based Architecture

- Event-driven Architectural pattern

I conclude the video with some insights and additional resources to learn more about Software Architecture and Architectural patterns.


Software Architecture in Practice- 3rd Edition:


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Goof Ball 

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Jose Luis Garcia 

"organized and assembled" is not enough to make it an Architecture. Also, Architecture is about how a structure is ultimately "built" as it depends on the ultimate SPATIAL relationships that are visible to the human eye. So, Software cannot be Architected. Stop it already!!!! Please!!!!

Of course, if you are talking about a visible GUI structure then, maybe then, you can talk about an Architecture that was built using software. But then, the software is irrelevant if all you need is to enjoy the beauty of the GUI. You can build it with just Photoshop and be done with it in accomplishing your Architecture output.

And indeed that's the software Architects use, some sort of Photoshop on Rails, some sort of AutoCAD.

Matt Molana 

This video helped indeed, thank you!

Yassine HADHADI 

Seriously, Thank you very much, you have clearly connected all the confusion dots in my brain

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Hi Ayoub ! just a question Are you Moroccan or Algerian ?

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Haribabu Pasupathy 

@ 10:23 The Layered pattern, I have studied and believed that Layered pattern in Monolithic (all layers in one physical computer). Presentation, Business Logic and Data.

And N-Tier means different Layers in its own physical computer. Real world example Presentation (Angular UI, on Azure VM), Business Logic (.Net REST API on Azure WebService), Data (Azure MongoDB service). This is called N-Tier architecture, right? and it not Monolithic! could you please explain?

Jose Carlos Ramírez Vásquez 

Explanation is neat. Subscribed :)

Hemant Roxx 

Great video! Very succinct, at same time simple enough for beginners to understand. Please continue this series..


Content is good, but why are just faking an American accent??


I've been looking for a clear view on how to define architectural patterns for a while. You've nailed it - thank you.

Razia Mullan 

Wow! Just in 15 minutes you explained these technicalities in a simple manner. Thanks. Subscribed your channel. :)

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For your explanation of micro-kernal A.P. at about 12:00, you mention that the core system has minimal functionality but then that it is a monolith. Doesn't this contrast? Isn't a monolith the opposite of minimally functional (modular). For example, this website if what im referring to:

Nisar Ahamed 

Short and simple but well explained.

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Loving this. Your visuals and explanation really helped me. That would be great if you did this more often!

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