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We choosed this song ( Hate to love you ) because we recei...

AJ xox 

I was surprised cause today is Feb.12,2019 and obviously its almost valentines and I can't believe that this video is going to be here for 4 years and I still love going back to it.

laalaa_fan_page _12 

Welcome to my new fav song😍😍😍😍

Otaku Chan 

When i saw Karneval

I heard my fucking neck snap so loud i thought it broke

it scared me me because i started head banging for no goddamn reason

Cristian Rodriguez 

They should put one out of Ban and Jericho(Seven Deadly Sins)


Sometimes I just

Fr e sh a voca do

Sibi Fer 

Q crack. Lastima que te metiste con la coscu army, rancio

Lina Edogawa 


ღ Titania ღ 


I'm just a prisoner of your love

You got me lip locked, fire the gun, oh-oh-oh

If I escaped you I would be lost

So don't bail me out babe I'll pay the cost, oh-oh-oh

Aw see it ain't that sunny

Spent my money

Sweet as a felony

Ain't you hunny

I can hear the gripes

But I'm wearing stripes

Look up at the stars

And I gotta think twice


All of the fighting


Keeps it exciting

I'm doin' time but I don't mind

I'll be just fine

Sometimes I just hate to love you

I'm doin' time but I don't mind

I'll be just fine

Sometimes I just hate to love you

Oh oh uh oh

Oh oh uh oh

Oh oh uh oh


I'm doin' time

It's a real fight

But it's alright

Sometimes I just hate to love you

You cuffed me up and treated me cold

I threw the key out a long time ago, oh-oh-oh

If you released me I wouldn't leave, no

So don't feed me poison I gotta eat, oh-oh-oh

Yo, be my cell mate

Plan our escape

Tell me when you're ready

And we can storm the front gate

Through the jail keeper

Real deep sleeper

Karina Escutia 

If It's blue and red..

It's gay :)

Sweet Kawaii 

Ouran host club kaichou maid sama??? YASSSSS

Jun Lee 

Souharu!!!!! I love it!

kim seungmin owns my heart 

izaya the ultimate clickbait XD

Derp Apple 


Kayla green green 

Im here for Tamaki, Haruhi and Izaya and Shizou

Red Hoodie 

Is it weird I ship a Crazy in love Uchiha with a small side of yandere (who shows emotion)with Tobiramu Senju who is tryna hate but ends up falling in love

Mindless Creativity 

When MEPs make you enjoy pop songs, especially those made by SNS


Ich Liebe das Lied

Judith Anderson 

what is the anime at 2:03?

Rainy Sunsets 


Roy Quinn 

1:50 OMG Kashima...LOL


I feel the music in my heart or..maybe I’m just ill?




Tamaki & Haruhi! ❤️ I love them! ❤️ 10/10

Alice Lacey 

so happy to see The devil is a part timer in this MEP

Unoffical Misu 

I just realized this contains all tsunderes' out there... AND IM TALKINGN ABOUT KAGEHINA, THATS MY SHIT RIGHT THERE

Fantasy NC 


Shanza Ria 

Plz read the description

Krul Tepes 

I am putting on Facebook

Karli Rose 


Mentally Unstable 

but kacchan and deku????😞😞

well then i guess im ace 

homestuck fan on a amv? I BELONG TO MANY FANDOMS ONT JUDGE ME..

Isabella Garces 

this the best mep i have ever seen props to you! ;]

Nensho Kaminari 

sns you da real mvp

Nensho Kaminari 

i saw this music video last 2015 because of karmin with magi as the only anime i watched at that time between today and last last year i watched 50+ anime and got excited after hearing this song in the radio after watching the ep it feels like how clueless i was 2 years ago




















do i also get this feeling if i learn japanese and rewatch to anime (like kimi no nawa) again

smile happy 

how can I love all of them soooo much ?!!>.< p.s (kyaaa this viedo is really kawaii <3 )

Tay Gene 

Plz someone tell me on 1:48 what anime it is?😖


I'm a simple girl I see the thumbnail suddenly got beautiful with Nisekoi on it, I watch again and again :) <3

Agustín Valenzuela 

I really love this version!! Thank you so much to whoever did it <3

Fìrê Phõènîx 

Saw Izaya :') had to watch it

mam dosc 

K-kagami-kun....... Aomine-kun......

Jade Brown 

what anime is at 0:32


when you watched Haikyuu all day


heneral kk 

*sees souharu* *stays for souharu*


if i get 100likes ill sing this in front of everyone for my crush

Twenty Martinez Otaku 



what's the anime called between 0:46 - 0:52 ?

Abhinav Sanagavarapu 

you, my friend......... just earned a sub. great video

Goner • 

yee kageyama ❤❤❤

Diniou MSP 

anime at 1:46 ?

Sarada 27 

Kagehina 💜💜💜