SNS-101 Super NES - svid restore mod walk through


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Quick simple mod, only 4 components and some wire needed to give your snes2 svideo output!

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Daudet Hernandez 

I have a SNES 101 or Snes 2 but it wont turn on , i watch that on the Original SNES sometimes changing the pico fuse fix it but on this version i cant tell


I just did the same mod but on Svideo my picture is shifted to the left


Why not solder wires to the chip and run them to the side? Then add your capacitors and run a wire from that to the bottom on the circuit board? Plenty of space on the sides of the SNES case without having to worry about taping or shortening anything. Nice tutorial though.

Austin Borton 

I've done a couple of these now and soldering to those tiny legs is a pain. I just screwed one up by accidentally lifting the solder pad with the leg from my chroma signal. Are there any vias I could reconnect that leg to or is it dead?

Tiny Goliath 

is there anywhere you can buy a SNES video chip


I know how to do the procedure when using the custom amp bi-pass method to obtain RGB on a double sided 8 pin circuit board, however is it possible to get S-video and RGB on the same circuit board?

Or should I just follow the steps using the capacitors/resistors you mentioned along with wiring directly to the RGB on pin 17 Y-out and pin 12 chroma out to obtain S-video? Doing this method would mean using the capacitors/resistors you mentioned. I am aware c-sync would need to be wired directly to the the RGB chip leg pin 18 to csync pin 3 multi out.

I wish the custom chips were cheaper and was curious how much it actually costs to produce 100 of these chips. 15.00 for each chip on ebay seems expensive when capcitors/resistors are a few pennies each

Tiny Goliath 

couldent you solder the wire to the back of av out

Fredi Machado 

Hi! Great video, thanks! Do you have any videos showing how to use rca connectors to output RGB? I have a SNES 2 and it doesn't have the multi-out, just one rca output. Thanks again!

Jared Garcia 

I did the mod and the picture is coming, but i'm getting a bit of fuzz. given it was my first mod, what could the problem be?


How do you know what is chroma and luma on the multi out connector which goes where I need help doing this next week.

Game maniaco 

what the best revision of the snes versions?


I finished the mod, and every game works great except Starfox. Is there something I should check, or is this a known issue due to the FX chip?

Miller Time 

I want to upgrade to component video

renato Pazin 

Can I use a  ceramic disk capacitor number 104 0.1uf 50v is correct?

Miller Time 

Been watching your videos for doing the RGB mods on the snes. I have the fat SNES with the RGB-01 system board. Is this mod still possible on that one?


Hey man!  Very informative videos, thanks for posting!  One question though, I just attempted this mod and it seems to have worked correctly for the most part, but everything is very green.  Most of the color information is mostly correct, but even grays look green, and it seems like everything else is 'extra green'.  I do a little ypbpr modding on old snes' and this reminds me of trying to take all 3 lines from the encoder chip on an original model snes, where the 'luma'/green isn't amped (compared to pin 7 from the multi, where it is).  I was wondering if maybe i did something wrong with the circuitry that could've caused this, backwards capacitors or the like?  Sorry i'm pretty new to most electronic work.


It looks a lot better, great video!

albee martin del campo 

Can I use a 0.1 uf ceramic disk capacitor? Instead of the microfarad cap? Please let me know, again I'm new to this and I'm trying get the right parts for this mod.

albee martin del campo 

I have a question! I have a snes mini, and I have a composite/s video cable for my snes in one cord. And I was thinking of modding my snes mini for a video. And I havnt done it yet, so I just wanted to try it out anyways. So I connected it and I was assuming not to get any picture at all. But I do get a video! It looks horrible, it has the diagnal lines but I was thinking I wouldn't get any video at all.. So I'm confused?

If I do this mod, it will work and fix that right?

Just curious, if you reply, that'll be much appreciated.

Btw, I'm new to this so please enlighten me lol


Is there a chance you can have a link to the instructions written out, or at least a written list of resisters and caps?

david b 

Is there a small diagram of the components used and how you chain them together?

SuperDerek RPGs 

Hey, I'm a huge fan, and I just wanted to let you know that after watching your videos religiously for the last several weeks, I finally built up enough confidence to finally perform this mod myself! My hands were shaking so much (because I didn't want to break my SNES,) that the job took over an hour! Just completed my first console mod, and you were instrumental. Thank you so much for this series! :D


+onderdude That mod is for RGB-only.  Both mods require the require the resistors.  Especially for the s-video mod, as the capacitors WILL damage the system otherwise.

Kevin Twiner 

awsome ..very nice video and a really easy too understand your walk thru!


i can't tell which is the fuse and where can i buy it?


Did you check the fuse?


great vid. really informative. i have an sns-101 and it won't turn on. i'm guessing the power is faulty. how do i go about rectifying the situation? i have a solder and i already checked with multiple power bricks and that wasn't it. Thanks.


Website is


Can you use just the resistors because their is a website here dedicated to rgb and the tutorial didn't use caps. Will it damged my console if I don't use caps?



Cliff Reeser 

is it possible to enable both s-video and rgb on the same console?


So this is what we need then?

-.1 uF 50 microfarad cerimac Capacitor

-75 ohm 1/4 watt resistors

-.1 uF 50 microfarad ceramic Capacitor

-220 Microfarad 25 volt

Is that correct?


I've seen with my own eyes that the colors through the SNES Jr.'s s-video are better than with the original SNES's s-video.

Johnson DMG 

yes s video is better then composite,but just like rgb i see diagonal crap all over the place,something i don't see with a gamecube.

it maybe because of the fact that the snes was NOT meant for hd or it may be a resistor issue in the scart??,but on a normal tv i don't those ugly diagonal crap onscreen.

i 'm so glad you also talked about that diagonal crap onscreen,son 'm not the only one.


Well, it's more compact. That's all I can come up with. It lacks the RF modulator, but because RF sucks, that's no big deal. It also doesn't have the expansion port, but because it was never used anywhere other than Japan, that's also no big deal. The biggest drawback to this version of the system is that a mod like this is necessary for S-Video.

Oh, wait, it doesn't lock in your games when you turn on the system, so you can pull them out even when the console is on. I guess that's a plus?


Clean out that casing.


104k is the same as .1uF.

The Salesman 

Is it true this is the more desired version of the SNES system? What makes it more desirable than the first version of it?


i just need to buy the parts now, the only reason i wanted to do this mod was i use one of those multi system cables and i hook up my ps2, xbox and snes model 2 all with the same s video cable but of course the snes won't work on it, but soon it will


Aw man, now I'm going to have that Killer Instinct music stuck in my head the rest of the day!


Your first comment was removed before I could reply.

To contact me go to my website listed in the vid description and find my email addy there.

Tymm Byrnns 

you only work on the 2nd generations? I don't see any vids on the original NES & SNES in your vids?


The JR did not come with svideo output, so we restore it (add it back) and yes that's better than the composite video signal.

Tymm Byrnns 

I did but that did'nt really answer the question.


Watch and listen to the first minute of the vid and you'll ?s will be answered...

Tymm Byrnns 

when you say restore what do you mean by that?

I mean was this console broken or is this going to improve the video quality when you use the regular multiout cable that is already there?


What is the price, if you send SNES (Or JPN Super Famicom) with Component mod to Finland?

I do not mind if the console would be really yellowed.

I do not need power supply, only the console is fine.


Sweet! As you know by now I'm going for this mod =) I wasn't sure I could get all the items needed to view RBG on my set easily, but I can't wait to see how my SNES 101 looks after your svid mod =)


Also totally doable!


Fantastic! Though I'm holding out for RGB (fingers crossed).