I have both tried the sleepyhead and Purflo newborn sleeping aids! Here is my review on them and which I prefer.

Sleepyhead -

Purflo -

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Princess Nana 

Baby is so cute!


Iā€™m glad I bought the purflo hope my baby likes it

Lisa Horney 

Hiya iv been looking into these and been wondering if there are safe for night time sleeping from newborn, i have always used moses baskets but my partner really dislikes them so im looking for the best safest thing for when we have our baby x

Jessica Gaiger 

Mega helpful thank you x

Weez Lothian 

I think the purflo base is like that as the purflo mattress etc is all breathable if it was solid it would defeat the purpose of the mattress ? But look into the mattress too as I would highly recommend them all . They aren't only antibacterial and anti fungal they help with eczema and asthma lots of plus points to purflo accessories. I'm a granny now and things have changed so much but I'd have definitely gone for these with my boys . It's great being a granny because this time I can spoil my grandson with things that might not have been as affordable when I was a young mother of 6 boys! Lots of grandchildren to come and the purflo mattress is completely washable ! The whole thing goes in the machine!

Jessie K 

Thanks for this review, you just answered all my questions

Lauren Gemmell 

We have the purflo I love it :) xx

Gemma Eales 

I had the purflo and it was great. Only used it for 11 weeks though as baby was happy to sleep without anything x

Hannah Elgar 

I love my Purflo. I managed to get mine a bit cheaper with my boots points too! I couldn't justify paying for the sleepyhead and Zoey still looks tiny in it. Please definitely do a fourth trimester video! :D x

Gemma Paul 

thank you for this review. definitely going to buy one of these two items. thinking I will buy the cheaper one and see how it goes