Skyroam Solis Hotspot Review


On The New Screen Savers show, Leo Laporte reviews the Skyroam Solis 4G LTE WiFi hotspot and power bank.

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Justice Forall 

Great review

Chad's Tech Tips UK 

Great video. Well worth a watch


DON't BUY THIS. Straight from their site:

"To deliver on our promise to provide the best high-speed connectivity experience to our community, in accordance with our fair usage policy we may need to reduce data speeds after your data use reaches 500 MB in a 24-hour period. Don’t worry, our daily data limit resets each day.

Activities like video-streaming are not recommended as they consume a large amount of data, and without knowing it you could quickly hit our daily threshold."


here is a chart with a comparison of some of the competition,

Nate W Thibodeau the fine print. After throttles u down to 2G speeds.