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Channel:  TaylahTalk
Topics:  Lifestyle
It's Bella Babe 

I love these videos like these! :) You're so pretty! , I can't wait to see more! I susbcribed

Logan Skinner 

Woah! You got heaps!!! Haha yes more of dem Squad Interruptions 😝


I love you! You are my new favourite youtuber, you are are just so funny.


This was just as exciting for me to watch as it was for me to open my own, haha! 😂


The skin republic face masks are SO good! I love them so much! ☺️ Let me know how the Essano Rosehip Micellar water goes, I've been very curious about it for a while because I LOVE their face wipes. ☺️ And Sanctuary have such nice products as well, I love them 😍

Great video Taylah! ☺️


The fucking toiletry bag hahaha you can take all my shit to sydney too and still have enough space for our sephora trip

Ellie McIlhatton 

This makes me so happy. Look all all of the free things!!

Typical Sakz 

Loved this!! And your channel! Currently obsessed! 😻😻 I also make video's too if you want to check them out girl!! Xx


Okay you've sold me. I'm going to Priceline and getting one of these.