Skills USA Wisconsin Video Production 1st Place Video 2013


this video had to be a minute long and no longer. we had 2 and a half hours to film and 2 hours to edit it. I'm from a small school and my competitors had 3,000 $ set ups with the shotgun mics and 1,000 $ cameras. i had a gateway computer, a 120$ 720HD flip cam from wal-mart and we used my Ipod for a mic.

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You're mad you got shit on because our equipment was garbage? That's just embarrassing. I don't feel bad for you either. The reason we didn't go to Nationals is because I went into the marines and I just finished up bootcamp. Priorities, lady. Get outta here with your stupid ass comments.

Hanah Christiansen 

Except no, we didn't have $3,000 setups. At all. We should have both placed higher than your crappy equip. :) Glad to know that you skipped out on both the awards ceremony and nationals days before it happened so that we didn't have the opportunity to go back for the second year. Have fun with your flip cam.


thank you

Troy Pittz 

Very impressive Tucker. You've become quite a videoographer.

Teresa Pittz