SJW thinking poisoning South Africa and Stellenbosch


A speaker brings up the standard colonialism arguments that have been made for ages. No facts, just simple abstract generalizations.

I comment and destroy.

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The Vampiric Narrator 

It’s kinda tragic that this guy never got to upload again. I honestly wanted to see more from him :(


fuck the university of stellenbosch.


bigotry at it's finest ...she is nuts !

Nikki D 

So here's a quick question. Stellenbosch was form in 1874. Why did the black people not .ale their own? Nothing stopped them

Nikki D 

White South African here. Once a relationship develops in any work setting we drop all the formal formalities and treat each other as equals. This woman is mad if she thinks we meant disrespect. No! We actually see her as part of the inner circle.

Once on the inner circle we still mind our manners. My mother would have punished me severely if I didn't not always say please and thank you, or if I was in any way disrespectful to an adult. ANY adult.

When Mama Dudu, who worked for me for over 20 years, was sick I would go out if my way to ensure she had everything she needed. I cooked her chicken soup. I made her custard and jelly when she wasn't taking solids. I slept on the floor next to her bed when she had a raging fever and wiped her down throughout the night to try and cool her down a bit.

I saved up and bought her very talented high school son a pair of amazing track shoes. I couldn't afford it, but I did the same for her kids as I did for mine.

These statements are outrage

Green Tea $ 

oh no not this american bullshite again. i feel sorry for these poor african souls that have to get lost in the world of political correctness. now boko haram will definitely win this round, ugh... i don't like it.

Xavier Smith 

Black women in SA need to get raped by white men in order to make up for the violence black people have inflicted on white people.


Indian South African here: Spot on with argument #1, exactly what I was thinking.


Nice that a posh Nigerian lady thinks she can talk with such authority on South Africa's history of oppression. Her family migrated to SA after 1994, yet she speaks of "we" when describing this painful history. Her personal ancestors certainly were not involved in building Stellenbosch University, or had "their" land stolen. Appropriation, much?

As you say, this is American/British-style SJW crap given a South African twist. And the white audience seems to lap it up.