Single point vs 2-point slings for the AR15, which is better?


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This guy is an idiot

Giang Ngo 

Even tho theres almost a zero percent chance that I'll ever need to be fully tactical, I just want to thank god that I live in the USA. We have the freedom to enjoy toys like these.


Disclaimer: I'm not a professional, a competition shooter, or former military. Just a former defense contractor who loves trudging through the woods hunting.

TL;DR: I like both, single point sacrifices functionality, tensioning, and repeatability for convenience, comfort(arguable), and range of movement.

I dunno, his arguments for a single point were shown to be inaccurate immediately, not to mention the initial argument for muzzle being down is literally no different on a 2-point. He didn't line up left handed easily, and he got hung up on the sling. I honestly like both but it seems the single point has the same issues as the 2-point except that you don't have the expected and held-in weapon hang position you get with a 2-point, which adds to comfort--you get used to how it hangs and adjust until comfortable so many repeated sights and drops keep it where you like. As long as you have it adjusted correctly for your posture and size (and a quick adjust makes it easier) It is fin

George Robartes 

I dress to the right and prefer a 3 point nutsack .

Jeremy Kieler 

I never wear a 2 point like that. In the Army never across the body like that.

Mikkel Borgholt 


Cool Breeze 

What's the length of the handguard you have on your AR?

Khaos Wolf 

To hell with the sling. I want to know about that optic you're rockin' on the BM. (M4A3?)

Veteranmac 88 

Any1 who trains knows A single point sling on a rifle is a joke constantly hits you in the nuts on a pistol it’s not to bad


Yo dawg I heard you like slings so I put a sling on your sling so you can sling while you sling.


im sorry but for some reason when i see a man kitted out to the extreme i think....dork.....and shorts?

Salbiah Samat 

Who left there mags?

Joel Floren 

Thanks for the video mate, you made some good points

The Super Z Family Vlog 

Thanks, that made perfect sense to me. Just got my first ar and was on the fence.

bu tre 


Tyler Brewer 

Honestly, in the military, SWAT, HRT, whatever, it depends on the mission. If it’s going to be CQB, the one point sling is more widely used and approved. Long distance battles, the recommended sling is the two point.


but I do like them


Single point sling goes down and knocks you in the junk

Daryle Martin II 

Can someone please tell me what type of red dot he has on his rifles. One looks like a vortex, they both look like vortex! Help please lol

Eric Child 

Great, simple, straightforward info, thank you...!

gunsand turbos 

I hook my single sling right behind the dot sight,

E. Spatharius 

I have a single point I love but having the stock at it's shortest it will detach the bravo quick release. may get the magpul that just clips.


Single point great for eunuchs!

ralph crosby 

Can you explain all adjuster connectors of the 2 point style sling. How to attach it to a AR Platform

John Smith 

It's a rifle not a gun

Braydan Braswell 

In stead of saying “which is better” if it always “depends” just say it’s a VS and you’re comparing them not deciding which is better


"...nothing getting hung up..." uhhh...yeah...

David Boson 

Depends on the job, the weapon, and the person. There is no perfect, there is only the right tool for the job, at the right time.

817 Tactical

jojo qin 

maybe Rifle Sling Strap is more focus on quality and fashion. hahaha maybe I need to buy this one I like.

ben me 

With your gut it wont hit you there.

Dave Biddle 

I have an STI quick adjust 2point sling. It attaches to a qd mount on the stock and right in front of the receiver on the handguard. I think it is very much like a single point in that configuration. If I put ny shooting arm through the sling, it comes up slower but allows me to slide the rifle onto my back so I dont have a 7 lb pendulum hitting me in the penis every step I take.


What is the brand of the mag?


That awkward pause when he says "the transition from right to left is better with the single point sling because nothing gets hung up." Then the buttstock catches the sling and chokes him......lmao

Ebrahim Nasthar 

Please show 3 point slings,,,and differentiate each one clearly with examples.. Thanks so much......

Dean Grifin 

you failed to mention on the safety stand point of a single point sling your balls can get bashed


What brand of 2 point sling is in the video?


Thanks for this video sir. I am about to buy a sling for my AR15 and was uncertain what to buy. Your info and expertise will help greatly. Keep up the good work.


One thing you forgot to mention and I thing a lot of people forget is that wrapping the sling around your body if you have no handgun, you can use that AR to fight in close quarters. And besides if I do have a handgun I would rather just drop the AR on the ground and then pull the handgun. But each to their own. Butt stock to the head especially in the nose, mouth or throat area can eliminate a threat sometimes faster than a round. Plus I don't want to be totally attached to the firearm. If someone grabs it then they have to turn it around and then fire. That gives me ample time to pull the the hand gun and fire enough rounds to to eliminate them as a threat.

So for me it is a two point sling and use it just to shoulder it or cross it to have both hands fully free but not in a situation though. The single point looks bad ass and works really well with targets. The two point wrap around is another convenient way but in real life with someone that is shooting back drop the firearm and d


is there any trouble with either sling when going to crouching or prone position?


Which setup is better if you're wearing an armor carrier with chest mag pouches on the front?

Dingming Zou 

Thank you sir, it helps!


Good Video!


I like to wear a two point sling over the left weak shoulder and let it hang horizontally over my right thigh , if I am not wearing a pistol like a crossbody bag. In the vertical postion like in the army on the right shoulder they would always want to slip off and the mag would get in the way. You always had to march or double time and hold the sing with your right hand to keep it on the shoulder. Vietnam Era. The one point sling always feels like it is choking your neck or pulling it down and uncomfortable to me. JMO.

Raymond Duke 

Good info thanks

kevin donegan 


Sub Compact 

where can I buy that holster and magazine carrier for you belt?

Guns & Accessories 

Good stuff as always. Thank You.

Travis Root 

Here's my downside even with the shorter M4 Carbine on a 2 point sling. I only got the very basic two point black issued with the M4 Carbine when I had to draw arms at the vault. Although less likely to have it drop down and hut you in the groin, regardless of gender, not fun having the hand guards, which in my case was a full system of rails coming down into your knees. 7.2 lbs hitting you in the knees will drop you, too.

Team Green Illinois 

what single point adapter were you running in this video?