Should You Buy AppleCare?


Is AppleCare a waste of money or a good way to protect your costly Apple products? We did the math - take a look.


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Christopher Kafaldjian 

chnage the title to "Should you Buy Applecare for your ipad" if you bought a macbook at 2000$ and didnt get apple care your going to be real pissed. this is stupid and doesnt reflect ALL apple products, just the ipad. change the misleading title.


Good thinking

Xavier Stark 

customer service is fine but the waiting time is terrible/horrible. Even with an appointment i waited 3 extra hours for someone to help me. that's ridiculous. why give me an appointment if you are going to make me wait.

YYC's Random Carbon-Based Life Form 

Applecare is the gateway to homelessness.

Vipul Bhardwaj 

is apple cover accidental damage,stolen of mac book in apple protection +

Jeff d 

This bitch dumb? You have got to be kidding.

Quang nguyen 

from last years apple care or apple care plus no longer working anymore .... when i sell apple care plus or apple care they said they will take care of this but .... when my phone got problem i sent it to them and after 3 4 day they send me the email ,,,

Our technicians inspected your product. They say that it would cost more to repair the product than to replace it with a new product. That's because of either the product's condition or unauthorized modifications that were made. We apologize for any inconvenience.

also check the phone they send back to me inside was broken screen damage

Charlie Hustle 

Couldn't disagree more. I've owned 3 different imacs over the last 7yrs. i had Applecare on 2. The one i didn't had harddrive issues about 19 months into owning it and cost me $429 to fix instead of $169 for applecare which would've covered it. Then on 1 imac i had applecare on, my graphics card burned out n would've cost $1100 in parts n labor to fix, thank God for applecare on that one. if u spend $2400 or more for a iMac ur gonna own for 4yrs, maybe more, spending an extra $169 to cover ur ass is the wisest decision u can make. u don't need to buy it on purchase date, u got a year so save $15 a month n buy Applecare at the end of the first year. Not to mention it helps resale value n is transferrable if u sell it earlier then expected.

Daniel Declan 

"I broke my iPad after I made the video but I don't recommend Apple care." What????

Pé Põng Pyn 

can applecare use for iphone and ipad ?

Joshua Marquez 

How do you tell witch Card card protect certain parts of the laptop?


thank you


Why isn't it worth buying AppleCare plus for an iPad?


Truly appreciate Sara's objectivity, especially as it relates to her own real-world experience (1:48). Very concise and very helpful vid.


Actually cost to fix/ repair iPhone screen is not that high. It's $109 for an iPhone 6 repair from, and $129 for the 6 Plus. Apple care + deductible = $179. Additionally, in 2 years if you don't break the screen you get to keep your $179. Not buying is a win- win situation... assuming you mainly buy apple care for screen damages.