Should you Use Agile, Waterfall, or a Hybrid Solution?


How do you decide if you should switch to Agile, or even blend Agile elements into your legacy Waterfall processes, creating a tailor-made custom Hybrid framework? In what situations is Waterfall considered an ideal solution? Watch this webinar recording to learn more about Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid development methodologies, when and how they should be used, and what benefits and drawbacks they offer to development teams.

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M. Harrison 

Thank you...learned more than I did in a $500 2 day class.Again, thanks!

Jazy G. 

Thanks for sharing, but I don't think a hybrid solution might work. It could be, because I'm a real fan of agile but I'm not sure if the different frameworks of agile ( as seen in this article ) could be combined with waterfall...