Short run total cost (Fixed Cost, Variable Cost, Semi variable Cost, Step up cost) | Theory of Cost


Short run total cost (Fixed Cost, Variable Cost, Semi variable Cost, Step up cost), Learn Theory of Cost, Cost concepts, Cost Curves. For Details Visit

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Tanuja Singh 

Thank you very much sar for me understand by best manner.

Nandini Kannaian 


Nandini Kannaian 

Why the AFC is touch FC initially stage its given 20, 10, it should be start sum whr down rite. Pls explain this

nakula kokare 

Best teacher. God bless you sir I'm big fan of ur teaching

Kaustuv Bardhan 

The AVC is not constant, it falls initially and then rises with the increase in Production. This is what I understood from the Cost Curve video. Am I understanding correctly? Or is it true for Short Run where we are changing only one variable factor?

kurapati banu prakaash 

excellent explaination

kajal bhatti 

Thanx.. Thanx.. So much.. Its was. Really eassy.. To understand. How u teach.. Plz.. Make more viedos.. ☺

Bijoy Sharma 

thank you, sir


GOD bless u . Sir

andrea roshini 

This video helped me to understood the concept in the best way. Really useful video 👍

Cena Yad 

I love you

Absarina Razak 

this video helps me a lot! thank you sir!