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Shogun's Ninja (original title: Ninja bugeicho Momochi Sandayu ) is a Japanese actiondrama- and adventure film from 1980 with Sonny Chiba in the lead role. Directed by Norifumi Suzuki .

During internal conflicts in 1500s Japan, a local chief and his entire family killed by a power-hungry warlord when murderers preying on two daggers to tell how a gold treasure is. Only one of his sons survives (Chiba), and he flees to China where he learns to fight. 20 years later he seeks revenge by organizing a rebellion against the government.

Watch Full English Movie Shogun's Ninja 1980

Movie Name: Shogun's Ninja 1980

Cast: Henry Sanada, Sue Shiomi, Yuki Ninagawa, Shohei Hino,

Director: Noribumi Suzuki

Produced : Shigeru Okada

Music by: Masakatsu Suzuki


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Epic Ebones 

Love the music at 16:38

Nam Ngyen 

Same Bruce lee

Alex Andre 

Ending missing

Mariochukysoyyo Cabrera 


Romenza Sampang 

Wapik tenan fileme.bagus

Mariochukysoyyo Cabrera 


Anthony samy 

I was enjoying and it's a Good Movie BUT the Last,Final Scene of only 5 % lost.It's from vcd or dvd recordings effect.Can You please correct it and send it back to Me.That's classic and traditional movie...

Zen Vol 





I need this track from 0:00 too 0:22

Ed Diaz 

bullshit ending

Fabian Gil 

Esta pelicula la vi gracias a mi padre k la trajo y es muy espacial para mi

Fabian Gil 

Una ermiza pelicula

Es la mejor

Like si eres de MEXICO

Paul Daystar 

The kind of flute music doesn’t match the flute or the one playing fingers or breath... Thankyou for posting this old film...

Nemanja Tadić 

can somebody help me i want to find one old movie with samurai and dragons they fighting in cave fire dragon vs samurai with ace power do you know what is name of that movie.i watch them long long ago and i dont remember the name

kenny bounds 

is this the same as Shogun Assassin ? anyone ... lone wolf and cub ? ... i guess not ...


watched an hour of it, then i had to stop watching it, its a nice movie, but it was putting me to sleep.

Thurman stevenson 

I want the song that plays from 51:34 till like 52:43

shadow mode 


the voice over cracked me up. thumbs up for turning this action drama into a comedy!

Cai Otee 

Bullshit! Wherre's the rest of the movie? Can you upload a part 2 please?

Jose Carvalho 

Nice movie...but it didn’t finish...

M Chambers 

Edward Mannix as a ninja? This movie looks awesome!

Lito Loco 4 fish 

Classic man!!! Chibasan and Sanadasan at there best

Masculine Buddha 

@47:03 Sonny Chiba finds the hidden treasure buried down in the gold mine :)

Momo Yang 

I want that track playing at around that 39:20 min marker.... I want it to just be playing in the background anytime I'm out and about for no rhyme or reason whatsoever

Leo Wood 


Elder Predator Jungle Hunter 

Awesome one

francis bluboys 


Prince Donny /Little Donny 

good movie

mondomacabro major 

great film - but ur adverts and BS are fukkin annoying.....


the music is a shit ! up the movie in original audio.

John Adams 


Stephen Monahan 


howard sullivan 

chant the maha mantra!

Manuel Joao 

Um filme que marcou profundamente a minha infanto-adolescência. Takamaru. Que saudades.