The DNA test results are in! After many weeks of waiting, I finally got my results back from 23 and Me, and they were a HUGE SURPRISE! Very far from what I thought I would get... :O

Shoutout to my friend Art for joining me in this new exciting video!

To find out more about 23 and Me:

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Ben Song 

nothing surprising, even Japanese emperor confessed his ancestor from Korea


For sure you're Korean!! It's crystal clear that you don't look Japanese.

TAc S 

Your appearance says that you're korean

Luciferlvz anato 

No more dirty inferior Japanese blood in Korea


I'm half Asian(my mom is Korean)but surprisingly I am only 45% Korean 2.9% Japanese and Manchurian/Mongolian and my other half is European German and other awesome mixes haha


Perhaps your dad is Zainichi Korean? Meaning your dad is ethnically Korean but born in Japan and took a Japanese name in order to avoid discrimination especially, during Japan's occupation of Korea(s) which stemmed 35 years. It's very likely too, that one of your Korean grandparents mixed with a Japanese person hence your 7.6% Japanese. But it is common for Koreans to have Japanese and vice versa as you know geographically, that Japan and Korea are very close to each other.


Yuki, you do look like my neighbor. lol. I'm Korean and I have 11 percent Japanese genes... Way I see it, I think it result from mixture of several nucleobases that's accumulated and somehow found a way to creep up on my DNA! What really matter's is if you identify yourself as Japanese. You are Japanese. If you identify yourself as American, or Korean, you are them. It doesn't matter what the DNA tells you. You dictate your life.


Canโ€™t pick your parents.

Mill Burray 

His name is Yuki and mostly Korean ๐Ÿ˜‚

inoue jerry 

hmong/mien is ethnic minority in both vietnam and china they are not vietnamese or chinese ( vietnamese = kinh ( aka shoter of the word kinh do - capital ) chinese ( han-chinese )

inoue jerry 

used we gen to see more correct data lol

J.J. Wang 

"90% Korean Muscle" LOL๐Ÿ˜‚


DNA does not have nationality. So it is NOT PROPER to categorize certain DNA as Korean and certain DNA as Japanese, etc. In fact, Manchurians, Koreans and Japanese and even Native Americans are sharing almost the same broadly, let's say, East Asian DNAs. They are all mixture of prehistoric northern Asians who migrated from central Asia and Siberia (part of them even traveled further to the American continent by crossing the Bering Straight) and the prehistoric Polynesians who had migrated from the Pacific islands and south east Asia. Among the DNAs that they inherited from those ancient ancestors, there is no single DNA which can be specifically categorized as Korean DNA or Japanese DNA.

This situation is the same with European DNAs. There is no such thing as German DNA or French DNA. or British DNA etc. The notion of German, French, British, Irish and various European nations were formed after 18 Century. Before they formed their modern national identities separately. They


hi brother~!

egyptian girl 

99,9% east asian?????? Wow ..i have never Seen someone having so much of 1 thing


Yuki, your 91% Korean DNA means both of your parents are Koreans. Your parents elected to become Japanese citizens so that they would not face discrimination. In regards to your 7% Japanese DNA it's pretty normal for Koreans to have some Japanese DNA and vice versa for Japanese to have some Korean DNA. From all the videos I have seen the unrealized Korean and Japanese DNA varies from 5% - 30% for both Koreans and Japanese.


23andMe is more accurate on European genes and not East Asian genes. Go to Wegene for more accurate results for Asians.


He look Korean, i would have never guessed Japanese based on looks.

J N 

0% Japanese would be the worst.


Your DNA is like a lottery. For your case, it just means your Korean genes are stronger If you have siblings, your ethnic combinations might be different. Their Japanese % might be more. What is Arthur's ethnicity?

Colleen M 

You both are great! So funny! I enjoyed your reactions so much. Love the pat on the shoulder at the end!


yo Your dad should take the test to see if he is full japanese.


i am interested for mine!!

Everyday Nottoday 

There's too much Korean/Japanese overlap, that's why. Koreans also score a significant amount on Japanese as well.

Everyday Nottoday 

Is your friend Korean?

Andrew Narimatsu 

Try getting your parents tested so you get phased. That could help clear up any ambiguities

M Vang 

Lol. I'm hmong! Going on 8 weeks without my results yet ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก

Arvin Borkar 

I thought you were Japanese

Leah Banks 

You should upload the raw dna to They have larger test populations for people with Asian heritage.


honestly i thought he was Korean when i first opened the video

Tale of Two Siblings 

you can upload your 23andme results to wegene a chinese Asian testing ...and I found with my asian they were very specific .it would be interesting to see what the results would be

Daniel Adan Lopez 

You should watch Fred Armisen's episode on Finding Your Roots. He lived his entire life thinking he was half Japanese. Turned out he was half Korean, and his grandfather had been sent to Japan from Korea to study as a young child.

Angel Lee 

DAMMNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

Still been fun to watch, it's cool to be Korean and Japanese. Don't worry. ;)



barry mitchell 

Yuki Tv man you are killing me right now,it like you questioning your whole existence.Bol ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

Felecia Wallace 

Will you guys upload your 23 & Me results to Ancestry DNA... maybe you'll receive different setย of ย results....


I still love you Yuki

Peter Connell 

The Japanese have a closer genetic relationship to each other than to Chinese and the closest people to the Chinese are melanesian.

Calvin Tseng 


Dawn Lee