Shimano pressfit BB86 bottom bracket removal and installation How-to tutorial


Shimano bottom bracket tools:

- Shimano TL-BB12 BB Installation tool

- Shimano TL-BB13 BB Removal tool

Other tools:

- 4mm Hex key (Crank arm)

- 8mm Hex hey (BB Press)

- 17mm Spanner (BB Press)

- Shimano Crank bearing preload tool (Crank)

- Torque wrench (Crank)

- Rubber mallet (BB Removal)

Wakos Brake protector:


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Derrick Malone 

You never preload those bearings before adding the crank arm...

Ianis Caratti 

@ridesofjapan I need your Help:

My current bikes have BSA and I love it. It's not perfekt but cheap and easy to replace the bearings!

1. trackbike Dura Ace (these bearings are so cheap for dura-ace)

2. other trackbike ceramicspeed

3. MTB sram dub

4. cx sram gxp

The problem is that my roadbike is a speci allez sprint and comes with BB30.

It's my nice weather bike but I still ride in the rain sometimes as it rains a lot here in Switzerland.

After every single ride in the rain it's noisy and I have to bring it to a bikeshop as I'm not realy confident with hammering and pressing metalbearings in a metalframe. This is a bad solution for me and I can imagine the frame does't realy like the bb30 change to often neither.

Would a BB30 to BSA adapter (cannondale/fsa/sram) be a good solution or do you recomend going for a BB30 with beather seals (kogel has crossseals for example). I would prefere to convert the frame to BSA but I know a general rule is to build bikes with as few adapters as po

Mitchell Goldflies 

Anyone have experience using the Wakos Brake Protector for Trek BB90 bottom bracket bearing installation? Looks like a better option than retaining compound.

Ben Wilson 

I find your videos really helpful! I brought a BBT9 - bottom bracket and crank arm tool (HollowTech II) and now realise I don't need it as I require a Shimano Tl-bb12 Installation Tool 160mm For Press-fit Bb to remove the Bttom bracket and Shiamno BB press tool? I've slightly new to this and limited budget aha. If anyone can help with recommendations and advice I would really appreciate it.


Its easy when you have the right tools (and there are many much less expensive than the shimano ones, yet they still work great) and i actually dont know why so many people make a fuss about the pressfit ones. never had a problem and i also didn´t need an absurd amount of force to press them out on all frames i worked on.

Dmytro Zhukovets 

Your videos are great!

Sam Jackson 

Hey! any chance you know what's in it or can snap a photo of the label? Hoping to find a similar type of brake grease in the US that is comparably thick and effective.

Mike Chivers 

Great video. You make maintenance look so easy. Where did you learn how to do it all?

De Witte 

Park Tool bracket remover also helps remove the cups!? instead the Shimano remove tool.

mark rodgers 

Where can we purchase this rockin' soundtrack ?? :D

toko sepeda majuroyal 

Nice tool

Michael Zoschke 

Liqui Moly Bremsen-Anti-Quietsch-Paste

equal to your paste

Thomas Hemming Larsen 

Great video! To me it was definitely also excruciating to press it in. If you could choose freely between the different bottom brackets, which one would you go for?


Thank you.

Tomas Cicman 

thanks man for this tutorial, finally perfect video, I would like to replacement BB91 press-fit on my bike and this tutorial help me very well. anyway do you have any alternative "brake protector" - something similar? thanks

Noel Walsh 

Thank you for this helpful video. If you're looking for ideas - the world needs a 'How to remove and install a Canyon (downtube) Di2 Battery'

Dean Grove 

I have to try and get my first BB86 bottom bracket in using a homemade tool and I'm simply having the issue of getting them in straight, it's super annoying. :/


I'm still surprised in this day that someone doesn't have a BB remover that doesn't involve using a mallet and scarying the living daylights out of every bike owner

XL Biking International 

Thanks for this video! I’m looking into a great bike that has a PF B.B. (I know nothing about it) but the reviews on PF are not good...

Javier Ros Vega 

Hello sir! Good video! Just one thing because i was looking for the wakos brake protector but i didn't find it. In the rakuten web's page is sold out

Winston Villanueva 

Rides of Japan can you please help me i have a bike here in Japan with two bracket designs i want to remove all of the front bracket to repaint it but i don't know how if you have a idea can you help me thanks. By the way new sub keep it up

Davy Scales 

Good video

Abhishek Purohit 

Is that a canyon di2 frame? I can see it has the battery retaining screws.. Can you tell me if I can reach the battery without removing the bb?


Thanks Adam, major big help.

I you