Set up your SharePoint hub site - SharePoint Hub 101


In this video after a simple introduction to SharePoint hub, we create a hub and configure it. Then we add sites to the hub and configure navigation.

We use PowerShell to create hub and add sites to the hub.

Alireza Aliabadi


Yihun Yessufekad 

This video just pouring smile on my face...while I remember this Microsoft professional how he explained it in this Msft workshop just as it's a nuclear such simple thing. Wish i watched this video before so I'd have make it simple for him. I learned how an explanation makes a big difference. thank you again.

Yihun Yessufekad 

I couldn't wait finishing the video to comment. The best clean and simple explanation video of SP i have ever watched. you saved my holiday, I have checked a lot of videos and blogs to really have a clear understanding of the hub thing and organizing. But found zero, they jump here and there and hard to finally understand the key points, even to know where to start. Thank you a lot*a lot for starting from the scratch and explaining clearly and in a simple way. you saved me from confusion and wasting my time. glad I found your channel and subscribed already

Narapat RajPurohit 

Just today I got a call for SharePoint online and hurray u posted a video on same.


Irish Bear 🇨🇮 

Thanks for all you do Ali 😀