Series Acne Treatment Vlogs (Part 36) How to Get Rid of Blackheads & Whiteheads on The Face Easy


Thanks watching video :Series Acne Treatment Vlogs (Part 35) How to Get Rid of Blackheads & Whiteheads on The Face Easy

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Lauren Quinn Elledge 

Why let it get that big though???? Why not get rid of it way sooner so the scar won’t be so huge

judith vigorito 

How can most of these people not stand in front of the mirror for hours I have. Lol. Don’t understand having such bad skin that’s easily “squeezed”. Hydrogen peroxide goes a long way

Jewellianne W 

I look and see positive comments nut I don't understand why you start those dilated pores on the nose and then leave them still filled with so much debris.

Anezia Félix 

Esse não é muito agressivo

Julie Ross 

Great video...thanks for sharing. Would like to see that guys face after extractions.

James McColl 

This is known as The Nose

Tiara Brown 

You could tell he was in pain

its me again! 

Poor lady. You can literally feel her pain! Sad

Lauri FranksWersteinEid 

🙋🏻‍♀️from Iowa, USA 🇺🇸🕊💜

George Roberts 


Marilyn Oconnell 

One handed squeezes don’t do much good to empty pores!! Glad she got that nose emptied out so he can breath! But the rest of the video was HORRIBLE TECH WORK!!!

Linda Greenhouse 

It's the nose that just keeps giving

Rebecca Pearson 

Omg 😮 wow 😮 big pimple alert 🚨 great job xx 😘

Bernadette Laplante 

If you don't want to change yours gloves , please wash them , yarkkkkk1kkkkkk

David Trautman 

I'll bet that was hard looking over that huge wart on his nose!

Paula Crawford 

Because you all are dermatologists right? You went to medical school and learned how to treat acne right? Oh you people commenting didn’t go to medical school? Oh you’re not a dermatologist? Damn for some non medical people you sure do run that mouth too much. Damn dumbasses

Bunny Haas 

That’s a pore of wiener, I’ve never seen one on the nose though.

Laura Rodríguez 


Judith Baker 

He needs a dermatologist and some retina A for his face

Sheila Hall 


Jennifer borden 

That needle is such a whore! Literally paid to stick its tip into every hole it can find. And not even a good one either. The second it enters the hole it leaves and white stuff comes spewing out. Sheesh talk about your 3 second bang 💥. And the music even sounds like a horrid porno. (Lol sorry couldn't help myself. Great pops though.)


Can’t believe the stuff in that one blackhead !

Sandy Johnson 

does anyone know if there is another video that shows his face being mashed. All I have seen is this video about 25 times.

Kelly Davis 

I’m almost impressed that he let that blackhead on his nose get that bad, almost😂


Why dont u try squeezing the blackheads out properly n getting everything out!

Gregory Fessia 

Just like Darth Vader is more machine than man, this patient is more pus than man(or woman).


Well this one has gotten around

Joseph Perreault 

Great video but I can never get over the fact that people would walk around with a monster on their face that they could easily deal with and bust themselves

Judith Baker 

Love this music

Judith Baker 



That nose was far from done!!

Judith Baker 

I can't imagine that the needle felt really good while you were digging in that black head and you left stuff in that first pimple. Have you a pair of tweezers with which to pull out the content's,that stands up for you.

Софико Боброва 

Плохая съёмка.

John Boyle 

Just seen this video on the channel of that notorious thieving ratbag ChowStephen all that is different is the video is shown upside down

Cher Whitacre 

Why oh why didn't the kid dig that thing out of his nose? Do they pay them to come in and be pricked, poked, and squeezed? It's a dilemma that we enjoy watching over and over.🤗

Gina G Moore 

Clean the gloves

Alex Marshall 

Lazy and poor technique. 😡

Linda Greenhouse 

Wow wow and wow again exquisite

Ana Rodrigues 


Jeffery Morrison 

Remarkable. Still love that nose, (Sherrie not Jeff Morrison)

Linda Hargan 

Is it necessary to make a big crater on the nose to get them out his face is going to be filled with huge pits

Christine Cole 


My eyes were crying when she was digging at his nose.

They must have been painful

Justin Joe 


Jane Cleveland 

What the hell was that in his nose... I was waiting for his nose to collapse after that lot came out...


Does this really help? Her face is a mess . Looks like she needs antibiotics

poor girl.

Tami tube Sweet 

This is terrible. Take the needle did around for a while then to the next with OUT getting it all. You can sleep good noing how you are ripping these ppl off not to mention scaring them for life. Disgusting

Paula Kennedy 

So much gunk out of such a small nose.

Lisa G 

The first pop on the nose was awesome! And the rest was not so bad either. Thank you for sharing 😃

Neil Clarke 

clean your fucking gloves

alexandra romero 

Eta. Feo