SEMRush Review: Step-By-Step Guide to Using SEMRush + 30-Day Free Trial


Free 14-Day SEMRush Trial:

If you're looking for a specific topic, here are the different topics we cover in this video:

Your site overview (1:26)

How to find your top organic competitors (4:32)

Determining your competitor's strategy (7:55)

Finding the competitor's top performing content (10:41)

How to find the best long tail keywords to rank for (15:06)

Side-by-side domain comparison (18:52)

Determining keyword difficulty (& the SEO Magic tool) (21:04)

Monitoring changes in search engine ranking positions (23:21)

How to find good backlink sources (25:43)

How to perform a website audit (30:47)

Position tracking & SEO optimization tips (33:21)Creating charts for quick comparisons & SEO reports (37:00)

How to create branded SEO reports (39:32)

Wisdom kay 

Semrush remains my best seo tool out there. There is a very detailed guide on how to use semrush for keyword research, I guess its one of the best guides out there, here is link to the guide:

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Rajni Panchal 

Great Video ! Hunting for Google Analytics Tutorials. Add them too

Anfernee Simple Creative Marketing 

Fantastic tutorial. Very helpful and still relevant in 2018. Most of the functions are still there. Thank you.

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Great introduction, thanks


SEMRush aren't offering a 30 day Free Trial any more :(

Best I could find is a 7 Day Free Trial -

Wanderson Santos Costa 

Will I be charge after my free 30 day trial??

Facebook Trending 

Thank you for the monthly free trial..

David Dack 

This is by far the most comprehensive guide to SEMRUSH on youtube. Thank you

Selina Meghji-Kuoni 

I do not want to put my cc info for the free trail

I had a very bad experience with


Thanks for a nice tutorial..It says 70 dollars in the start of the month..Is that an old outdated price ? I'm pretty interested in sem rush, but I'm a small business and 100 bucks a month is too steep for me..Cheers


hey tool hunter, hunt down justin Beiber. that guy is the biggest tool. appreciate it.