Seerah of Prophet Muhammad 68 - The Battle of Khaybar Part 1 - Dr. Yasir Qadhi | 9th Oct 2013


Title: The Battle of Khaybar - Part 1

Study the biography of the single greatest human being that ever walked the surface of this earth, whom Allah sent as a Mercy to Mankind.

This lecture was recorded on 9th October 2013

Channel:  Yasir Qadhi


Rima Awwad 

NO poison takes 4 years to kill. if the shoulder of the lamb spoke to the prophet to warn him. it is exactly that. it wanted to warn him that he does not get harmed. the rest of your story is written by the jews who hated the prophet and wanted to make out of him a maryr like Jesus. Remember what god told us about the jews boasting about killing jesus? read the quran and you will get your answer. Mr. Yasir . I am a big fan of your videos but this one needs to be re-evaluated by you

Lone Wolf 

Muhammed did died from that poison ,hence proved he was lying ,check the hadith yourself:

Sahih al-Bukhari 4428 “O Aishah! I still feel the great pain caused by the food I ate at Khaibar, and at this time, I FEEL AS IF MY AORTA IS BEING CUT FROM THAT POISON !"

Abdullah Saad 

I like your Seerah videos

Abdul Fauq 

Now here, in this video - as elsewhere in several other videos) - the Prophet (sws) is being "accused" of nepotism (Ma'zallah thumma ma'azallah) under the oft-repeated "It is what it is, I don't sugar-quote it". Thus, we are told that the Propephet (sws) gave the booty to Abu Hurayrah and other migrants who had NO PARTICIPATION at the Khyber expedition whatsoever! You will notice that this "sheikh" has said that, at the time of Hunayn expedition, the Prophet (sws) also gave large quantities of spoils of war to the Qureshi leaders and very little to the ansaar!!! There, the Ansar suffered big time. They fought well but they did not get anything. We are also told that the Prophet (sws) had instructions not to harm his uncle at the battle of Badr and that he also did returned ransom given by his pagan son-in-law. Did Prophet Muhammad violate the verses of the justice (e.g., 4:135 and 5:8)? Cn ANY true Muslim ever believe and 'accuse' the prophet of nepotism and injustice in distributio


so basically muslims conquer a peaceful jewish tribe for no reason than their weath ...

Hasan Bahadur 

The correct explanation which these lying missionaries misintrepret

A.ghafar iam 


Rick Swindell 

If the Jews are from Israel, and they left in 70 C.E., then that makes them indigenous to the land of Israel. Palestinians are descendants of Arabs who came up to the Levant in the early Muslim conquests. So, stop trying to steal Jewish land and give it to the Arab-Palestinians.

Nissar Reshi 


so well prepared

so well presented .

K Abdi 

may Allah bless you brother yasir.

BABA Abdoullahi 

the sheikh talked abt huyay the father of safiyyah in the battle of the khaybar. I thought he was killed with the banu kuraidah since he promised to stay if the kuraysh were to leave. can someone explain it to me??

Aly Budwani 

Ali ra "the warrior" (as sheikh said earlier). masha Allah. Ali ra was in fore front in all wars. true warrior.

Abdul Fauq 


Again, an extremely poor comment from you. Why don't you defend the sheikh through logical arguments - by addressing my concerns about this sheikh's lectures? Using epithets of 'shut up' and 'stupid' shows your own ignorance and blind following.

Now this: It is my duty to expose what I see as manifest falsehood. I plan to do that systematically for this sheikh because of his blind faith in the much non-Qur'anic content of his lectures. Since most of his followers are too lazy to analyze this sheikh's falsehood on their own, somebody has to pull them back from sinking into the abyss.

Wacef Chowdhury 

when he said now the prophet saws had only for years left before he passes away I couldn't contain myself as if I'm going to lose him again. such was the walking in the steps of this story the Seerah of my Prophet Muhammad SAWS...i wish I had more of this

Ahmed Shaham 


Abdul Fauq 

This shaikh is amazingly naive; he shows no analytical ability; he believes everything he finds written in the LIAR Ibn Ishaq's Seerat Rasoolallah book and his teacher Safiuddin Mubarakpuri's work "Raheeq al-makhtoom" - no questions asked.

Now watch at 47:00 min onward. He says that the cooked goat/lamb shoulder 'spoke' to the Prophet that it was poisoned. But perhaps the cooked meat did not speak fast enough because the Prophet ended up taking it into his mouth and even though he spat it out, he felt pain to the rest of his life (more than 3 years) and he felt pain inside his chest as if his aorta/life artery was being cut"!!! This is a very dangerous statement because it tells the reader that Prophet, God forbid, inserted his own views in the Qur'an (the verse 69:44-46 say that if Prophet made up stuff, Allah will grab his by his right hand and cur his arota/life artery). This shaikh is not seeing this dangerous link with the falsehood of this whole poison story and the verses 6

abdi Omar 


tawqir07 jalali 


Sabrina Younis Aden 

jazaaka Allahu qyer

Dawud Abu Suleiman 

alhamdulilah, great episode

*** Correction, Nebuchadnezzar took the Children of Israel to IRAQ not IRAN

Nafeesa Bantu 

Mashaallah,so informative ,impatiently looking forward for the continuity of the other parts(68. Onwards)MayAllah give u the strength to do moreDawa.

Anees Siddiqui 

Jazakallah to the Sheikh for the continued wonderful series.... I understand that its a stretch to apply a modern liberal-ish geopolitical ethos to events that occurred in the seerah.  But the idea of preemptive strike still leaves me feeling a little uncomfortable.  

In instances where the tables are reversed and a preemptive strike is executed against Muslims, it so much harder to gloss over it.  And for me just attributing it to 'the times' doesn't do justice to the nature of Rasulullah (S), which transcended the practices of the day in so many other ways.

I don't have a particular point... other then I wish I had an easy way to reconcile my unease with some of these political decisions that were made with my understanding of the gentle, merciful, and forgiving nature of our blessed prophet (S).


I started listening to his lectures from the beginning until now...then i watched the Final Legacy series plus Omar Tv Series and most of what Ustaz Yasir has taught us in his lectures can be found in those two i am able to undersyand the seerah more...thanks ustaz...May Allah grants you His Jannah

emerald dawn 

Patience is a virtue. I don't think that you remember all what he taught during the last episodes. If you need to wait, just listen to the old ones again. These seerah lessons are for learning, not for entertainment. By the way, they are not your servants. How can someone listen to the seerah and still be arrogant.

Ebtisam Osman 

I'm expecting the next seerah class to be uploaded very soon :)

Sadik Moazzem 

Allahu Akbar

Jazak Allah sheikh

Witting for the next one

sam hernandez 


i became muslim

Rooha Ghaznavi 

Jazza KAllah Khair

Mohammad Chowdhury 

next one plz and then the next one and more and more and more these are awesome may allah bless u sheikh

U N 

صلي عليه