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Search For The World’s Biggest Snake!!! Brian Barczyk heads to Prehistoric Pets to search for the world’s biggest snake. Jay shows some pretty impressive big snakes, but will Brian find the biggest snake in the world? Watch to see some of the largest and longest snakes on the planet. What was your favorite reticulated python morph?

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Star Stable Folk 

Uploaded on my b-day :O

cats#gamer doge dogs 


Terrance Myers 

I subscribed to your channel

Shyann Kehn 

do snakes eat a cat

Aurelia Hernandez 


Nurul Ismiza 

Aarghhh snake!!!

Lacy Dyce 

So the movie Anaconda is a fake about the snakes size?

Warde Hussin 


Coolest Queen 

The real worlds biggest snake was titanaboa

AXioS TraLLö 

Cool video but when Logan Paul came out of butt fuck nowhere I had to dislike.

Stephen Hunter 

How big does it get

Daksha Bhatia 

Omg wow

Kids At Play 

i search for search. by the way is that blood.


Well, I am only disliking because of Jake Paul. Way to ruin with that dumbass....come on!!!!!!

Humberto Adame 

We will not miss this

Tina Holcomb 

Love the snack

Dominique Echevarria Echevarria 



*"Search YouTube"*


Pretty snake ❤️

NyanCat Playz 


Jonathan Etzweiler 

He said he’s gonna bring out the biggest snake, brings out Logan Paul

drago andspike 


Moey Gaming 

Logan Paul?

Parker Chavous 

Wow Logan Is sad I have a 23ft retic and in 12 and I can handle her really good

Dhawal Yerne 

I searched for "search you tube"

Rambhaj Bhardwaj 


Mathing chan 

Do some snake give away😂😂

Shawnda Watkins 

I'm good for you to go out and look you go f good 😘😋😆😪😪😌😌😴😴at night good night d

Master Omega 

Lol I’m sitting here with my 16 in python who just grew thinking he’s big then the pull out the last snake then it’s like yyyeeaahhh mines not very big but I still love him

Peiyi Huang 

Its like flying

Abodeنرل Kasom 


Abodeنرل Kasom 


Abodeنرل Kasom 

الووو حبببي

Abodeنرل Kasom 

الووبؤ ببببحي

Professor Nature 

the last one would break the scales

Jade B 

Those are some big danger noodles

Loyal Love 

Where's the snake on the pic.?????????

Chris Towns 

Can you please bring the biggest snake for my birthday on next Friday in Canada please.

Alicia Delon 

Qui est français et regarde cette vidéo si c est le cas like !

Nathan Hawkins 

6:55 that black snake in the back


You're a cow

Tina Gertsen 

Omgosh is she stunning! I love her color 💖

abdullah bahaddad 

وشم يا كلب حرام

dora al_yahya 


Elizabeth's games 

Why 1.1k thumbs down?😞

Elizabeth's games 

I love all animals including snakes

Omega Trainer 

the biggest snake is medusa at 25 ft and 2in

Slime Fun 

Hi Bryan

Lucas jp 

o que tou fazendo aqui oxe kk.

Post Malone 

why do they not attack you guys?