i got scammed by fortnite mobile... (fortnite mobile random duo gameplay)


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Tencent Spy 


Slim Shaded 

Why your battery persent be on liw when i watch u it bother me😵

Sophie o'Shea 

When he broke your campfire at 12:13 he left you with 69 health😆🤔😂

The comment below mine is dumb 

Make a music video with that pickaxe lol

Alberto Geronimo 

At 3:09 the rumbles from earthquake

Niyan Allen 

7:45 😍

Toms All 

Why are you so toxic dude

Jose Mora 

This dude plays on bot lobbies!!!

Viktor Ivarsson 

Bro u toxic man

Nice tayshawn 

How do you get stretched res on mobile

Jhonatan Gonzalez 

Why were you so rude to him 🤬🤬

Haden Kaneshiro 

Bro Roland is toxic

Blvys Gamer 

Your good but stop acting like your the best I don’t mean to be toxic tho

James Vann 

Pro means Professional


Your ass bro

CTS 10 

You have to wait for the spark then it will sound

Rumbek Augustino 

I can


That pic axe noise tho

Pharrell Moore 

RolandGT your the best

I used code ceedayy 69 

How did they scam if the only difference is that the pickaxe sounds different


1:20 everyone knows you new account it’s a saw bird box lol

Edwin Fatal 

you are a bot because u get bot in your game

Electrohh :D 

Why u bully him lml

Amir Hagit Einav 

Boi you can, I think ur thing is broken

DDuo Bros 

U should do a video showing ur recording setup

I Jolt I 

You are stupid

TBSE Flare 

that's the valor skin pickaxe thingy sound hope u understand



Emilsmart 100 

Just look up the sound it makes when u swing it


Your kinda toxic man

King kash 

You sound like SupremeEO

Michael Perez 

Play with me u wont

pb and j sandwich 

you got ssn scammed oof

Oxelot Gamez 

4 or 6 fingers?

Mareks - 

If anyone could be that kind and tell me why i can't use voice chat in Fortnite mobile (android).. Please

Obey Alend 

Umbrella sound ain’t right pickaxe sounds ain’t right


SAVAGE_KING_ASIA one v one me anyone ?




Why you bully wilfred

the the mobile player 

ronald is a clout chaser

Why you bully me 

I sound so toxic

Why you bully me 

U sour so toxic


The eye sounds like a wet pussy

Tristan Johnson 

Yooo y is this manz bein lowkey toxic as hell😂

Ricardo Zamora 

I like bird box 13:54

Stacey McPoyle 

Damn so,hype for week nine stuff

Lil X 

IDK why but I feel like you should post a video of you singing the song Thotiana by Blueface, idk but itd be cool if you did

joe niemer 

Oh yeah yeah

Trey James 

On my note 9 I can swing axe and redeploy glider

Nasty Ios 

Yo what heppened to your other account